How lucky are we?

A couple of things from me today.

First the perennial issue of what should I be doing – I think it’s a husband thing (for our generation) than a wife thing? Should I be out there earning a decent wage? Surely this writing thing and my dipping a toe into the compassionate leadership pool is not enough. Or, if it is, why aren’t I writing now – penning another book? Or touting for business for my compassionate leadership stuff? I enjoy both, so why I am taking 2 weeks off and skiing (it was fabulous today!).


These are good questions. And, trust me, they have been on the tip of my head for a good while. Those of you who read this drivel can testify it’s true. Well – I don’t really know. I spoke to C about maybe taking up a maths teacher’s post in September somewhere. I’m pretty sure I could find someone who would have me. So should I?

I have turned down two non-teaching jobs (one v good and right up my street; and one not so good) in the last 12 months. Both frightened me – in that I would be working full time, and, as an example, wouldn’t be able to bugger off to France for two weeks skiing. And I certainly wouldn’t have got The Innocence of Trust written – a book which I am particularly excited by; I hope you love it. And, let’s be honest, Fuelling the Fire and Unsuspecting Hero have done ok, but they’re not paying off the mortgages in any discernible way (although we are still saving, even with two weddings coming up – with our approach to life we just don’t spend). But, we are still saving.

Warning – with a job would bring a house. That is the way it would be. Neither of us are ready for that. Not yet.

So, what to do? My mate Richard, who we stopped with on Monday night to blag supper (thanks), says I enjoy the writing so much (correct) that that’s what I should continue to do. V few people have that luxury; of doing what they enjoy. But, as I only want to write for Sam Green – is more than one book a year too many? Mmmm, not sure.

We are where we are then. Keep at it. Get someone to publish The Innocence of Trust or self-publish, and then write another one. Four books is better than three. Etc etc.

What else? Well for the record we finished with Jen in Bristol on Sunday night, P&K v kindle agreed to look after Doris for us (and provided supper on Sunday – thanks again), and I booked the ferry the wrong way round – Calais to Dover, which P&O couldn’t fix. So we had to buy another ticket. I am an idiot.


I drove pretty much all the way (600 miles) with a couple of stops, and we got to Chatel mid-afternoon where, even with winter tyres, I put on chains because the snow was coming down quicker than the ploughs could push it to the side. But the outcome was that we skied today in good conditions – when, only yesterday, most of the Alps had no snow. It’s set to snow for the next 3 days and then a week of sunshine. How lucky are we?

Very. It’s as simple as that. Very…

4 thoughts on “How lucky are we?

  1. Lucky… Very lucky indeed. But that’s because 1) you deserve it and also because 2) you make it happen because of the choices you have made in life.
    And it’s not just ‘a man of this generation’ thing, working and earning money. I stopped teaching some years ago, partly because I was fed up with a few things in the teaching environment and partly to spend more time with my parents now that they are still healthy and fine. And I sometimes wonder: should I go back and earn money, especially when my husband leaves for work in the morning… But then again there are so many things we can now do together, like holidaying with our motorhome out of season! And that’s worth it. My husband works half time and we say: you cannot make time, but you can buy time. That’s what we do!
    We do not buy stuff, we buy time! Just like you do, I suppose!

  2. Fantastic. Enjoy the skiing. Just polished off IOT. Compelling and JWD Sam. I’ll ping some comments at the weekend. Couple on the Saudis, couple ‘technical’ and few on the crescendo. Happy skiing.

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