Three sleeps to go…

How would all this work if I had a full time job? Mary, Mum and Dad, Jen, wedding dress shopping and now a couple of days in Penkridge with Bex and Steven. It’s been mad – full on.

When the girls went wedding dress shopping, I was responsible for the dogs (me, with my reputation?). Thankfully the dogs were fine and the wedding dress shopping suited me, in that they didn’t buy anything! If you’ve had nothing to do with weddings, you’ll not comprehend the cost of things. Like wedding dresses. Think 10% of the GDP of a small African country, and you’ll be about there. We spoke to the caterers yesterday. Mmmm. Now, to be fair to Bex and Steven we have given them a slab of cash and told them to find any overspend. With the way things look, I think our contribution may pay for the wedding dress…. (that’s quite close to the truth). If only I had a job…

Yesterday we went out for lunch with Bex and Steven meeting up with old school colleagues of theirs at a local pub – which was nice. Today we took the train into Birmingham and walked round the Frankfurt/Birmingham Christmas market. It was blooming cold – which was nice – and it wasn’t a bad market (apparently the biggest in the UK). Gluhwein was drunk, and roasted peanuts eaten. And we also managed to get a couple of errant Christmas presents. We also climbed to the top of Birmingham’s new library. What a great place! And what a great view at the top. Well done Birmingham.


Books? Well, The Innocence of Trust has been given two additional big thumbs up by two pre-readers (thanks Annie W and Johanna H), and I have dispatched it to 10 agents/publishers. I’ve had one nice refusal. One of my readers says that it’s so good I must persevere. So I will do. Promise.

FtF and UH are selling at a rate of about 5 a day – which is ok, but well below the 100 a week. The exciting thing is that FtF gets its first UK marketing tomorrow as part of Kindle UK’s ’12 days of Kindle’. It’s on the market for 99p for those 12 days; but it should get a big boost from that. So, if you haven’t bought it already, do so tomorrow!

Next report will be on Christmas Day (I hope). We hope you have a good one!

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