I had a lovely three days at Wells. It was great to catch up with everyone and, I hope, help a few people on the coaching side. I finished the 7-session/3×360 degree report programme as well as seeing a few folk. And also catching up with lots of people. I didn’t see the ghost; so maybe next time?

We left Mary’s this morning, and are now at M&D’s. It is, I’m sad to say, a story of gentle decline. We’re not sure how much longer the pair of them can stay in the house on their own (Mum had a bad fall at the weekend, but she’s just about OK now). We shall see. We helped put up the Christmas decorations and will take them shopping tomorrow.


And the books? Well, both Fuelling the Fire and Unsuspecting Hero continue to sell in the US, but in small numbers. Amazon are still not talking to me, and I emailed them again last night. It would be really helpful to know what they’re up to. This morning one of C’s ex-students (an Oxford English student), WhatsApped to say she was reading FtF and loved it (read it in one sitting). A pal of mine at Wells told me that his 85 year old mother was a Sam Green fan. And this morning my first ‘tester’ came back on The Innocence of Trust. Her exact words were: Loved it. Best so far!

So, reinvigorated, I’m back on the case. The brother of a pal of mine is ex-MI6 and has come back to me with some comments (it’s all above board) on The Innocence of Trust – how fab is that? So I’ve got some work to do.

I even started looking at photos for the front cover today!

A couple of days here and then off to Heathrow to pick Rebecca up (from the Bahamas), back to Mary’s for the evening and then to Bristol for Christmas. Hurrah!

2 thoughts on “Reinvigorated!

  1. What a lovely, happy and positive post! Wish you all the best in the coming Christmas week! Enjoy celebrating with the family!

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