Heading home (still)

We are just over half way north. We’ve stopped at 3 French Aires, all of them pretty perfect. Last night we stayed next to a canal (big canal – they don’t mess about in France), surrounded by boats and for just €6 we get a spot plus electricity – which makes it only two nights in 5.5 weeks where we’ve been plugged in. That’s something.

where we stayed Saturday night...

where we stayed Saturday night…

And, looking back, it has all been something. The weather has been extremely kind to us with Mrs Sun out nearly every day, except for a couple towards the end – and that was when C and I were head down on the book. It has been cold at times, but out of the wind it’s been shorts and t-shirts. Much like last year. And, of course, with only 5 chapters of The Innocence of Trust completed when we caught the ferry in mid-October, we are now at the end (although I am one quarter if the way through Edit 2). That’s well ahead of schedule, and it means I can crack on with editing (etc) between now and Christmas.

Yesterday morning we woke up on the ramparts of Landres, a spectacular walled town east of Paris. It sits on a bluff high above the Marne river. So we spent the morning wandering around the town’s walls, before heading into the centre for a bit of shopping and a cup of coffee – sat in one of those French cafes full of men (and some women) drinking, chatting and watching TV. I could have stayed there all day!

And today we travelled further north in much more pleasant, but colder weather. The temperature matching the sales of FtF and UH which have gone south a bit in the last week. I’m not sure why that is, but I guess it can only be down to the power of Amazon’s marketing. They’re still not talking to me … But word on the web is that they boost your book at about the 90 day period (hence the peak in sales) and then let it slip. Although they do promise ‘half-price’ campaign, which has yet to come. I did look at about 20 other Kindle Scout ‘winners’. A couple were placed higher than FtF in the rankings (currently 15.5k, but has been as high at 1.5k), but most were much lower – some as low as 330k. So I’m v thankful for small mercies!

Anyhow, that’s enough from me for now. Sorry this is late, but limited wifi has been a problem.

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