Out of words…


I’m all out of words, I’m afraid. C and I have just finished Edit 1 of The Innocence of Trust (or The Trust of the Innocent – as suggested by our younger daughter, Jen). It’s been a 9-5 existence, which has surprised the begeezers out of both of us. But it’s done now. Phew! It is something else, I can tell you. As a writer having an editor sit there and poke around (I know I said that last time) at your masterpiece. C is good at sorting out some of the English, and she’s particularly good at spotting when something doesn’t quite make sense – and that’s the bit that hurts. Because, as I’m sure you’d understand, I know exactly what’s happening – so why can’t you, the reader see it? Are you an idiot?

Obviously not. So I guess there were probably 20 times when I had to redraft a whole paragraph so that it explained what I was seeing, rather than what you weren’t able to. We got there in the end.

But, that is the tough bit done. It’s like running a marathon. It’s hard from the beginning, and gets tougher the longer you’re at it (120,000 words long), and then you hit the wall at about 100,000 words and you make yourself the promise that you’re never going to do that again. And then it’s done, and within a few days you’re wondering what the fuss was about.

Our Jen won a photo competition with this shot of her dog, Cassie.

Our Jen won a photo competition with this shot of her dog, Cassie.

And for me, now, with over 2,000 books in circulation, there’s an element of responsibility that nags at you. Sam Green has a small, but growing, fan club. My latest Amazon.com review is 2 lines long: “A complex plot which is explained better than most. I like and care for Sam Green.” Do you have any idea how that makes me feel when I’m writing her? She has to be just so…I really hope I’ve managed that.

Anyhow. What next? We’re off on Friday, staying with Andrea and Richard on Monday night just short of Calais. (Thanks you two!) And then a whirlwind of stuff until just after Christmas. I have two slabs of work, and we have a myriad of people to see.

Insofar as the book – I’ve got Edit 2 to finish, which includes checking dates and times. Then it’s into a Word document and getting it thoroughly grammar checked (Bill Gates is much better at that than his Google equivalent). I have a couple of people who want to pre-read it over Christmas. And whilst that’s happening I think I’ll look for a publisher, other than Amazon – if they want me. There’s a front cover to design, and the back page – so lots to do.

Finally, last week’s sales of FtF and UH were fabulous, but we woke up on Monday morning and all of a sudden stats are down – it’s a mystery. I’m not disheartened though. I really love TIoT, and like the marathon, I’m already thinking of new plot lines. Hurrah!

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