Keep writing!

It’s been all about the book I’m afraid. Massively so. We have remained at Plage des Artiste and, now that the wind has died down, it has turned into the place we remembered from last year. Just fabulous – although the nights are cold. We coffee’d out every day, and always found somewhere where Mrs Sun is not accompanied by Mr Wind. Today I was shorts and t-shirts as we supped away, but then put my heavy jumper back on the moment we turned the corner. But you can’t beat it.


Now, what about the books? Well, sales in the US continue to be strong, if that’s the right word. I’ve decided not to mention numbers for now, in case I have to report next time that I sold a single book and I’ve given up writing for good, and will now sell my body to the highest bidder. But, holding my breath, sales remain ‘strong’.

The Innocence of Trust has taken its pound of flesh, and then some. I was awake this morning at 4.30, going over the final plot lines (I’m now 19/20 chapters down, but I will need an epilogue). Typing at 6.30am, and will finish tonight at about 10.30. This writing business is a monster, it really is. But, as soon as I begin to type, I love it, and whatever juices I have start to flow. That doesn’t take away from the fact, unfortunately, that it is bleeding me dry.

Sam, you’ll be pleased to hear, is just as mad as ever. And she’ll inevitably come out of it with all her limbs and less of her faculties. So, much like me then.

Sorry this is short, but at 105,000 words, I am running out of them!

Have a great week.

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