Feeling very privileged…


Well, this is the life. St Marie-de-la-Mer is almost now our most fave place. We’ve been here, stood still, for four days and likely to stay a fifth. At €13 a night with water, it is a snitch when the sea is about 12 feet away. We’re in one of 4 Aires (all the same price), and probably the best one. We can walk into town – think Mexican border town with proper old sandstone church – in 5 mins, which has everything. Fab.

We have cycled all the way to the lighthouse on the Camargue (20 miles), walked a lot, cycled north into the Camargue yesterday (against a strong, cooling headwind), cycled down the coast the other way this morning, ran twice and eaten well. It is the start of our Autumn detox – that is after our summer detox in Germany two month a go. We feel v privileged, I can tell you.


Mrs Sun has been with us throughout. There is an accompanying northeasterly which is fine when you’re out of it, but it’s not quite mid-summer weather. Not that we’re complaining. And that has tested the new battery/solar panel set up. Well, it’s been perfect. We use, including 240v toaster and desk lamp, between 30-40 amp hours per day. Even in oblique sunlight the two panels put in somewhere between 5 and 10 amps, which means we’re fully charged before lunch. Hurrah.

There is no wifi, unfortunately – unless I walk into town. But we are much better placed than we ever have been. Virgin offer 250MB for £5, which is more than enough for me to check book stats and do some research. We’ve used our new 3 MiFi twice (like now). For £12 a month we get 5GB of data, which complements my phone (unlimited everything from Virgin) and C’s new contract with Vodafone, 5GB + decent voice calls for just £8 a month. The good news about the MiFi is that we can use our allowance abroad for 60 days. Like today!


So, here at the lovely Aire, for €13 a day + water, and with no need for electric hook up, we could stay indefinitely? Now there’s a thought…


I have to finish on the book(s). Currently close to finishing chapter 11/20, that will be 3 in a week if I manage to close 11 today. That’s well ahead of schedule. And still loving it. Sales of FtF and UH continue to impress. I won’t know this week’s total until Monday night, but I’ll easily break through another 100 books – I sold 10 copies of UH yesterday! It’s all happening.

Now trying to establish a working title for Book 3. Should have either ‘trust’ or ‘oligarch’ in the title. Any thoughts?

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