Here for a week…

C said Ive got to stop going on about the books. It’s dull. And as we are now down on the south coast of France (Mrs Sun hasn’t joined us yet, but Mr Thunderclap has put in an appearance) I need to talk about the scenery and what it’s like doing this in the autumn.

here for a week?

here for a week?

That’s all well and good, but the book(s) continue to play on my mind. Stats have been good: 130 books sold last week (well over my ambitious 100 target), and overall, I miscounted (under-counted) the number of FtF sold. I’m now 1040 books actually sold, with, I guess a couple of hundred out free at the beginning of the campaign due to the Kindle Scout process. Add to that another 250 UH in the two and a half months and it all seems quite a lot. And my rankings have stayed high and so books continue to sell. Nearly all, BTW, in the US. I’m not sure how many I need to sell to call myself a proper author, but 5,000 would be nice!

And book 3 continues to inspire me. 46,000 words in and still loving it. Sam is having a ball…

Well, onto the boring stuff.

We had a lovely evening with Hilary and Steven (who were far from boring). They cooked a very French duck, and we bought the bubbly and the (French) tart. I know I’ve already gone on about being envious of their long journey ahead of them, but as we sit outside in 18 degrees of centigrade warmth with 4 weeks ahead of us, things aren’t quite so bad?


Anyhow we stopped at a village in the lower Massif Central on Monday night and then headed straight for Plague d’Atriste for a long stop – in the seaside village of Le Grau-du-Roi We stayed there last year and loved it. Lots of beach running, cycling and writing. Perfect. Except the Aire price is now €24. Yes, that’s €24. Having picked myself up off the floor and checked timings, the price stays that way until 3 Novmber – although the laconic French chap at the kiosk couldn’t tell us what the low season price was. So we only stayed a night and today drove onto St Marie’s de la Mar. Again we stayed here last year, but this time round (at €13), we are likely to stay for longer. The town, which is Mexican looking and comes with its own bullring (and horse parade today), has 5 separate Aires and two campsites. Our Aire, right on the beach, is the best – although the others are all full.

So it’s a good dose of walking, cycling (through the Camargue), running and writing. Exactly what we came here for.

All’s good with us then!

2 thoughts on “Here for a week…

  1. Glad you arrived safely at your special writing spot – there will be a blue plaque there one day celebrating the great Roland Ladley creating his works there, a bit like is done for Dylan Thomas, Virginia Wolfe etc etc – though they tend to have had sheds, if I recall, so Doris 2 is pure luxury in comparison. Twas grand to spend some time time with you both – – – and look forward to catching up maybe on your next trip south. Hugs, Hilary

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