Free this weekend!

Short and sweet today. Rushing to the ferry, having had a good evening with my brother last night talking over brotherly things! As you do…

I had a really good couple of leadership days. First at a school in Gloucester, where I do some mentoring. And then a day at Wells, where the instruction bit of my middle-leader training is coming to an end. I’ve got to come back before Christmas to run a 360 degree reporting process for three members of staff. It’s been a great set of seminars – and I have learnt a good deal from the feedback I’m getting from the team of three who I am working with. So it’s all good.

For the record we left Mary’s yesterday, C having stayed with Mary whilst I was down in the West Country.

Now the book. Sales of both books have steadied. It is too early to say whether I will continue to sell 100 books a week (wouldn’t that be nice?), but the reviews keep coming in and people keep buying. I do expect numbers to drop, but I’m just not sure when. And, for the record, I am spending £5 a day advertising in the US, but have decided not to do that over the weekends, where numbers look like they rise naturally.

A very 21st Century spy novel. Free to download this weekend.

A very 21st Century spy novel. Free to download this weekend.

This weekend is the big sale! I’m giving Unsuspecting Hero away for free – Friday to Monday, 4 days. Amazon allow you to do this for short periods every three months. I tried it over a couple of weekends last year and shifted 250 books. I’m hoping that with the advert above, which will go out on Saturday and Sunday in both the UK and the US I can increase those numbers significantly. My target is 1,000 books – with the obvious outcome that some of those people will look at FtF and book 3. I have to say that I struggled with the decision; I sold 5 copies of UH yesterday and expect to sell a couple of copies today – that’s the average. So I am potentially throwing away income. But, I think a ‘give away’ is a sound marketing plan.

Please, therefore, if you haven’t read UH, download it. Then read it. Then write a review! And share this with your pals…

That’s enough from me. We’re off to R&C’s tonight and a ferry in the early hours of tomorrow. We will sleep in Calais overnight. And I’m ahead of schedule with book 3 – almost finished Ch 7. Hurrah!

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