It’s all go…

It’s mostly about the book today. On Friday I broke even. 755 copies of Fuelling the Fire sold, 95% in the US. That pays back my advance and means that every book I sell from here on in I make about £1.50. If you add the copies of Unsuspecting Hero I have sold over the same two months period, the numbers make it to around 1,000, which is fab. If I could continue to sell 500 books a month I’d be a v happy man indeed, but I think sales are likely to drop. In fact I had a real panic over the past couple of days when the stats pointed to low sales, but that hasn’t materialised – yet.


Advertising continues to be hit and miss. I can’t shift book in the UK no matter what I do with Facebook, and I don’t get it. I have 32 5-star reviews on Amazon in the UK. The first set of adverts I posted in the US did send a lot of people (360 per week) to the Amazon page, but it’s still not clear whether or not they’re buying the book(s), or it’s Amazon’s marketing that’s making the difference. I have given up advertising in the UK. However, I am lined up to appear on both the Caravan Club and Caravan and Camping Club magazines, and they have wide readerships. Also I’m hoping for a review in Soldier Magazine (100,000 readership), so hopefully some UK sales will come.


This is my latest advert, prepared for the US market probably next week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Since Wednesday, after a couple of days with Jen, we’ve made it to Mary’s to help with her fab party for a younger group of people she knows. That happened today, and was a great success.

And I’m 6.5 chapters into the new book (out of 20) and still loving it. I really am. That’s why I hope the book(s) continue to make an impact and encourage me to write about Sam Green’s adventures for a long time to come.

Finally, off to a school in Gloucester tomorrow and then down to Wells on Tuesday – C staying put here at Mary’s. Then off to see my brother on Wednesday night before hitting the continent on Thursday. Can’t wait!

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