Ahh, Mrs Sun

It’s all go. Monday I was down at Wells doing my leadership thing. I had a second session in the early evening, so I managed a run down on the Levels in the afternoon. What weather we’ve been having? Mrs Sun is without doubt now my best friend, as I keep getting invited around to her place. Even today, when C went shopping for our trip to France, I was blessed with fab weather which allowed me to clean the outside of Doris as well as going for a run.


The picture above only tells some of the story – and that’s only what’s going in the boot. Now, I know we should be looking to spend our cash where we sleep, but there are some things (mostly biscuits and sweets) which we can’t easily get in France. Hence the mad purchase.

Yesterday we attacked the trees outside of Jen’s house. We do this every second year as both of them go out of their way to block Jen’s light. I have to get up into the big one to chop down the top branches. It’s like being a kid again. I’ll be playing conkers next.


Tomorrow we’re off to Mary’s, but only after C has taken Jen wedding dress shopping! Bless the pair of them. I will hoping to finish Chapter 6 (sooo excited by the new book), with the aim of getting Chapter 7 and thus the first slab of the book finished before we get on the ferry. That would be fab. I have to say I’m loving it, but I have to keep going back to make sure that Sam is behaving as everyone expects Sam to behave. As someone commented in a review the other day – somewhere between genius and madness. Got to get that right!

The other two books continue to sell. I think it’s fair to say that numbers have dropped a little over the past week (sold 30, 17, 13 of FtF Sat, Sun, Mon). And UH numbers are averaging at about 4 a day. I’m still not completely clear how the advertising works, but I’m still spending £5 a day on Facebook. I need to sell another 35ish books (out of 755) to pay back my advance, so that’s something to look forward to. Hopefully in the next couple of days.

So that’s us. Hope all is well with you.

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