Still writing…

Soooo much to tell you! First have a look at what C can produce with a pair of knitting needles. Fab. She should really make these to order. Anybody interested?

who's a clever girl?

who’s a clever girl?

We finished off wedding venue and accommodation in Penkridge before we left on Thursday (only the band and the food to sort now), and made our way to East Anglia stopping at the lovely Thetford CC site (mid-week discount for £11.20) where we were able to go for a run in the forest – absolutely my old ago stomping ground, both militarily and also from an orienteering perspective. I fell over (again – fell over on the canal the day before at Penkridge), but other than that no problems.

We had lunch with P&D in their lovely old house near Diss – much modernised with new kitchen etc. S&D turned up for coffee and we had a good old catch up. Aim is to have a big Royal Anglian Minden reunion in early December at the Randall’s ranch. We stopped off at a CL near Cambridge on Friday night and again near Banbury yesterday, both running 3.5 miles down the road in fab weather. Today we stopped off at P&K’s to pick up the car and now back in Bristol. Phew!

the East Anglian crew

the East Anglian crew

Good news is the new solar panel is working. This morning in good, but low sunshine, both panels were sticking in 11 amps, that’s 6 amps more than the old single panel has ever done on its own. 11 amps is a lot of amps and bodes well for wild camping in France. Hurrah!

Next book 3. Really excited here. Am close to finishing Chapter 5, and aim to have Chapter 6 finished before we get on the ferry late next week. If I stick to my schedule (and can I say, it’s not without hard, but exciting, graft) Christmas looks an easy meet. And I have already sorted the Epilogue – which is going to be stunning. Even if I say so myself.

Finally, the other two? I’ll leave you in a second with the latest two US reviews for Fuelling the Fire. The second one is interesting – I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. But, for the record, last week I sold an average of 17 FtFs and 4.5 UHs. Yesterday, the start of a new week, I sold 30 FtFs and 5 UHs. So numbers are good!

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with the two reviews. Enjoy!

Five stars. Unique, compelling, surprising. Why was I reading about someone who reviews photos for a living? There is no way that would satisfy what I wanted out of a suspense novel. Amazon made a mistake referring me to this author. I stayed with it and what I experienced upon finishing was strong enough for me to express my gratitude. What a great discovery! Before reading I noticed the absence of reviews which led me to believe they were composed of the author’s friends and family members. Bad sign, so why did I press the buy button? Any buyers remorse was utterly shattered. Expectations were met. My world has changed – well maybe that’s too strong. This is certainly true – I have been converted to a raging Sam Green fan! Well done!

One star. Politically correct, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish rubbish. The author has talent, I’ll grant you that, though there are anomalies (British slang in the mouth of an American; references to German “royalty” when “aristocrat” is meant). But the real problem with this book and its author is political. The really bad guys here are not vile Muslim terrorists but a sinister, Hebrew-speaking, Christian sect which supplies weapons, training and tactical expertise to the Muslim terrorists so that the latter can be far more effective than hitherto – and thereby mobilize the western world once and for all to destroy Islam.And of course – it seems almost unnecessary to say this! – the real cause of Islamic terrorism is the presence and the behavior of those devilish Zionists in the Middle East, the ones whose State of Israel has treated the poor Arabs so cruelly. So, this novel is a piece of crap, despicable crap if I may allow myself some hyperbole: and not, I suspect, something that most people who enjoy the genre will want to spend their time on.

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