Weddings, oh dear…

Weddings. I told C that we shouldn’t have had daughters. We should have sent them back from where they came. I’m not sure I had much to do with the process in the first place.

We were fortunate enough to be able to have one of those ‘money’ conversations with both our girls. A deposit for a house? Or a special wedding? Thankfully they both plumped for the former. So, whilst they will both be fab, we’re doing both weddings on a sensible budget.

Jen has just come back from Skye with her fiancée and his family. They’ve decided to get married there, with a v small group of people. Easter 2018. Apart from providing moral support, we’ve nothing to do with it other than write a small cheque. Works for us. Bex, on the other hand, is in the Bahamas. And her and Steven are getting married next summer. Some provisional things have been sorted, but there’s a lot to do. And as we’re off to France in 3 weeks to give the book a good writing, next week is about venues, caterers and accommodation. Having organised a few mess parties in my time, between us I’m sure this is something we can pull off!

the wedding planner...

the wedding planner…

What else? Well I bought 3 x Banner 115AH batteries from Tanya (the best). We have lost our 12v a couple of times and I was convinced that the batteries were shot. And I was right. It’s an expensive business, but we now have complete confidence that the DVD player’s not going to stop working just before the punchline. I also bought a new 150w solar panel (£150) and a 15A MPPT solar charger (£100 – MPPT = special). Fitting is going to be interesting. I could have just spliced the panel onto the current panel’s roof wires, but there are issues with mixing an matching panels – old and new; different wattages etc. So I’m attempting to use a second ‘hole on the roof (currently closed) to pipe in the new panel, via the solar charger directly onto the new batteries. Fixing the panel is via Sikaflex which, everyone tells me, is the business. This is a job for the weekend.

And books? Book three is 20,000 words in and still loving it. Sales of the other two are still pottering along. There was an uplift over the weekend, but I can’t be sure that this is because of the advertising, as this is ongoing, and sales have dropped slightly. I’m still learning.

Oh, and for the record, C joined her sister at a v early Christmas Fayre down in Tidworth with all the military people today. On return, she said ‘I’m so glad we’re not involved in that anymore.’ Hurrah!

That’s us. Off to P&K tomorrow to estate sit. And on Friday I’m presenting to the Wells’ sixth form on who knows what. And then a weekend of fixing a solar panel. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Weddings, oh dear…

  1. Hi Roland, I apologise if you know already but if you are using plastic corner brackets to mount your panel I have a tip.
    Most plastics from injection moulding can still have residues from the release agent which is used to allow exit from the mould. You should therefore rub the surfaces you are applying the adhesive to with wire wool or emery cloth to remove the shine and leave a “key” for the adhesive. It would also help to rub the shine off the frame of the panel and maybe the small areas of your roof where the brackets will go, a kitchen scourer will do. I have two panels of different ages 1 @ 100 watt and 1@ 130 watt and wired in parallel. If I were doing the job I’d splice them together on the roof and increase the thickness of cable to the regulator to avoid voltage drop.

    • Thanks Tony – really helpful. Good tip about prepping the surfaces and I’ll do that. I think I’ll leave the two panels separately. There is certainly something about slaving the two together, with the newer one under performing (or similar). Keep in touch. Roland

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