Car boot paradise…

We did Cheddar car boot today. It’s still gloriously sunny and we went with a mission: to find a DVD collection that we could take away with us after half term. We have loved the first series of Frasier and C managed to pick up the third season from a charity shop the other day. Today we collected 15 DVDs and the first series of Will and Grace…fab.

Apart from being transported into deepest Eastern Europe, which I continue to have no problem with, the thing about looking out for DVDs at a car boot is that you can really tell people’s personality by the films they watch. At Cheddar there were more copies of Shawn of the Dead than you could shake a zombie at, and most of the other films had the word ‘outrageous’ or ‘chilling’ or ‘monster’ in it. We had to search hard for a chick-flick. But, as well as picking up a couple of other things we needed, it was a successful morning.

Cheddar car boot...

Cheddar car boot…

Wells has been great. The work seems to have gone well and I now have a week with nothing in it (oh, really…) and back down here the week after next. Tomorrow we’re off to see my M&D and then back down towards Bristol towards the end of the week.

So, the books. I thought sales were heading slowly downwards this week, but with advertising still just low key in the US, they’ve not been lower than a combination of 21 books and yesterday I sold 31 books, 9 of which were Unsuspecting Hero. Nearly all of these were in the US. I’m starting my last set of US states this week and I shall reconsider everything next weekend. But so far, so good.

I have started book three. I was extremely nervous about the whole thing. Not that I wouldn’t be able to write. But that I would t be able to write well. I have finished the Prologue and it looks ok. The plan now is a Chapter a week until we head off to France in 6 weeks time. But there is a long way to go.

Anyhow, enough from me. Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Car boot paradise…

  1. Car boots. Hmmm. I echo your thoughts. Whilst flogging some garage flotsam a few weeks ago without a CD or LP in sight I ended up talking to a bloke who had just picked up 2 really ‘cheap’ Hawkwind LPs. And I was in cargo shorts and a polo shirt and not my leather waistcoat!

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