Sorting stuff out…

(Sorry for the double post and thanks to Rich for alerting me…)

I’m posting this on a Saturday (obviously not…) as we’re off to the Party in the Park tomorrow and I’m guessing we won’t be back early. The line up includes Madness, Elton John, Travis and Status Quo among others. It kicks off at 1.30 and it’s the first festival (of sorts) that C and I have ever been to. It’s v inexpensive, at £42 each, which I think is a bargain for an afternoon of music. I shall report back.

Since we left Richard and Caroline’s (thanks to them again for looking after of us) all we have done is wash up from our four weeks away. C has been washing anything which isn’t tied down and I have been doing our metaphorical books, so to speak. We are, I think, about there. There is a long list of things that we need to do. I need to replace the leisure batteries (3 at 125 AH = £400) which are spent. We lost them a couple of times whilst we are away, which is madness when we should have that much power available and that much of Mrs Sun. I’m also going to stick a second solar panel on the roof and we do need to fit a side awning – a real omission by the original owner, considering what he had fitted.

missing all this…

I have fixed the microswitch on the sink tap and updated the satellite TV and some other stuff. But throughout (we’re at Mary’s by the way) I have been checking FtF and UH stats – and, as per last post, I don’t want to go into too much detail at the moment. But as at now sales are hovering on about 20 a day (both books added together). Most of the sales are in the US, which is where I am gently advertising using Facebook and I am pleased with that. I do need to sell about 750 of FtF in order to pay back my Kindle advance…if sales continue like this that should be over in 6/8 weeks time. Fab! But I’m also guessing sales could drop off v quickly.

Anyhow, this week I have some work in Wells and then I have promised myself to start writing book 3 next Sunday. Have I said before that I aim to have the first draft finished by Christmas Day? Well that’s the aspiration. And, with some solid military training, I’m quite good with deadlines.

Bed now – busy day tomorrow.

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