Heading home…

Not much to add to the debate today, I’m afraid. We left the Sonthoffen area after a very rainy night and eventually escaped the deluge just near Stuttgart where we parked up for the night. Our ambition being to get to Calais by Thursday and try and catch an earlier ferry so we could overnight with Richard and Caroline.

The Stellplatz at Nurtingen was comfortable and after a walk into town and runs we started watching the second half of the Ewan McG and Charley Boorman documentary, The Long Way Round. In short they aimed to motorcycle around the world heading east with a small support crew. We didn’t have the first DVD, and the second started in one of the ex-Russian ‘Stans. If you get away fro Charley Boorman being a lad and the odd expletive, it really is compulsive watching. They really did go through the mill to get to Russia’s eastern coast, via Mongolia, Siberia and the Road of Bones – where Stalin killed hundreds of thousands of political prisoners building a road which, even today, is pretty hopeless. What they managed to do with their bikes and the support trucks puts anything Top Gear think they might have done at the back of the queue. It was a monumental effort and well done them.

I’m writing this just in France at an pleasant Aire at Richebourg. Mrs Sun has been spitefully burning my left arm as I drive LHD Doris west – it’s still blooming hot and it’s almost 6pm! Yesterday we stayed at another pleasant Stellplatz at Morzig in Germany, managing a bike ride and more of The Long Way Round.

we love Bavaria…

So, back in the UK tomorrow, we hope. We’re off to the Radio Two party in the park on Sunday, a sort of wedding anniversary present. Then I have a week of work in the SW followed swiftly by Book 3. Ambition is for it to be finished in first draft by Christmas Day. In between time I’ve been checking my stats. Unsuspecting Hero continues to sell and Fuelling the Fire is doing OK in the US. I don’t want to go into too much detail yet as these are early days, but the figures from the US are promising with only limited (£5 a day) advertising on Facebook. I should have paid back my small advance in a month or so if numbers stay as they are – fabulous!

That’s us for today!

2 thoughts on “Heading home…

  1. Woop, woop. Not dropping much below 30 here at night and very humid. Moved into my more permanent digs, 34th floor of Marriott Marquis in v central location. Annie out in a couple of weeks. Drive safely and Happy Anniversary. Still remember the festooned orange Roadster.

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