Ehh, wow!

ehh, wow!

We have fallen back in love with Bavaria. Think Telly Tubby land, rolling lush green pastures with clumps of fir trees and chalet farmhouses the size of primary schools bedecked with balconies overflowing with geraniums like red froth from an Octoberfest stein. Then add some beautifully calm lakes and add in a backdrop of pointy, purple mountains and you have near perfection. And mostly the people have been lovely, although one or two do have the propensity to tell you off for walking on the cracks in the pavement, or other associated cycling offences. They normally get a retort from C who takes no prisoners when it comes to the telling off process.

ehh, wow!

We moved onto Forggensee just short of Fussen to a Stellplatz bolted onto a campsite (€15 not inc EHU). The first afternoon we cycled into Fussen with Neuchshwanstein (aka Chitty Chitty Bang Bang castle) always shimmering on the distance halfway up a pointy mountain. Fussen is lovely, as is the lake, and as is always the case in Germany, the cycle paths are fab. Fussen is one big restaurant/cafe with its own castle on the hill and we loved it. The next day we cycled round the lake to Neuchshwanstein, parking at the bottom and walking up quite a hike to castle and a bridge which spans a local gorge with views across to the castle and out onto the plain. Superb. We then cycled through the mountains into Austria and followed the old Adriatic to Germany Roman road back to Fussen, stopping to look at some falls where the mighty Lech leaves Austria and enters Germany. It was home then for Currywurst mit Pommes at the campsite restaurant. Fab again.

Then we moved to Sonthoffen, another Stellplatz, this one slightly more organised but still coming in at €15. We both exercised (again) and then today cycled the 30 miles up the valley to Oberstdorf. Any of you who know anything about German skiing will recognise the names – it’s also where the British Army ski; soldiers used to come here in their thousands for some winter adventure training. The cycle back was slightly downhill, which wasn’t a bad thing. We’re both knackered now.

the Lech…

The books continue to do well in the US. I’m now at my highest placed ranking (nowhere near best seller, yet!) and the trend is slightly up. I have been concentrating on advertising in the US as any formal Facebook campaign doesn’t seem to register in the UK. I’m going to keep that trend going for the next week and see if I can build even more momentum in the US. We’ll see, and I’ll keep you posted.

Moving on tomorrow. Heading Calais way I think. It has been a great break for both of us and Bavaria clearly has its attractions. We’ll be back!

Have a great week!

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