Brushing shoulders with mad Ludwig…

It may have escaped your notice but I have failed to complain about the weather for a good three or four posts. That’s because Mrs Sun and all her family have been where we are, enjoying swimming in the lakes and burning the bits we forgot to cover. The last couple of days have been hot enough to sizzle your sausages, although it looks like it might cool a bit this week. We have loved it.

our latest spot…

We had a lovely evening with Kerrin and Susi – he’s an old Army pal of mine who I haven’t seen for over 30 years. It was just like old times, and great to meet his wife and their youngest. They live in a fab chalet on top of a hill overlooking Bad Reichenhall and the Alps just beyond them. They looked after us like we were royalty and we were so tempted to stay another day. Maybe next time. (They both have a good book in them – inevitably it was a topic of discussion. I hope I encouraged them.)

Kerrin and Susi

Then we headed off to Chiemsee, a large circular lake just east of Munich. The aim was to pop and see Ludwig II’s unfinished castle, Herrenchiemsee, which is on an island in the lake. For Ludwig, think mad Bavarian who also built the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang castle, and you can then imagine the ambition. Actually (and we haven’t left yet) we did so much more. Yes it’s a tourist trap, but we found a fab, new Stellplatz about a mile from lakeside with everything in for just €13.50 including wifi and washing up facilities. On the first afternoon we rode down to the lake and went for a swim.

halfway round Chiemsee

Then the mother of all cycle rides. Forty miles round the lake – typically all set up for us cyclists. With picnic we managed it, and were only a bit saddle sore by the end. Today we cycled down to the lake, caught the ferry over to the island and saw the German equivalent of Versailles. I wasn’t allowed to take any photos inside the building, but imagine the Sun King’s pad and you get the picture. Except it is half finished inside. So you get the chance to see a couple of rooms which aren’t adorned with Meissen, gold leaf and Renaissance art. Fabulous, as are the fountains outside. For the rest of the day we enjoyed a late picnic lunch on the side of the lake, went for a swim in the lake (with the hundreds of other tourists) and enjoyed a late supper.

just like Versailles…

And the books? Well Unsuspecting Hero continues to sell at about 1/2 books a day, all over the world (Spain, Italy, Australia). Which is fab, because it can only mean that people are reading FtF and going for the backstory. These sales are also paying for a good splodge of the advertising for FtF. Which, in itself, has been interesting. My early advertising in the US did well. My latest seven days targeted adverts in the UK has sent 280 people onto the Amazon page – but only turned over about 3 purchases. Now I don’t think that’s a good enough hit rate. If people click to go to Amazon you would have thought that about 10% might make a purchase? I think the price is too high (currently £3.76, set by Amazon). This is due to the exchange rate change inflated because of Brexit. I reckon £2.49 is a better price (UH, which is set by me, is £1.99). I think people are going to the page and are being put off by the price. Anyhow I shall be talking to Mr Amazon tomorrow and getting him to sort this out.

In the meantime reviews have continued to come in (thanks everyone), all of them fab. And I have reset my advertising to East Coast USA and AUS and NZ for the next week. Let’s see how that goes. I will let you know.

Finally, it would be wrong to end this without mentioning Doris, who has been fab. Just fab. Well done her! Have a great bank holiday and a good first week back at work.

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