Well done us…

This will be late – I’m trying to stick to a Wednesday and Sunday post. Wifi is problematic, but not overly so. First, with new European rules concerning roaming costs, Virgin now charge £5 for 250MB, which is not bad. Phone charges are 8p a minute, which again is workable. Also, I hadn’t realised that Deutsch Telekom are now part of the Fon network, which means as a BT user we can log into local and domestic wifi provided by DT. Unfortunately they’re not as widespread as BT in the UK, and SFR in France, but unlike BT and SFR (and typically German) when you have a signal it’s very good.

plenty of this…

We are now half way down Germany in the middle somewhere (think Frankfurt and you’re just about there). We’re heading south to Germany’s bottom right corner where an old Army pal now lives. On the way we’re hoping to stop off at Rothenburg, a beautiful medieval, walled town and a couple of other sights. We’re using the German Stellplatz system which mirrors the French Aires. Actually they’ve been rather good, a couple of which have been free. Tonight we’re on a farm for €5. And v good it is too, helped by Mrs Sun who seems to have forgotten that we are the Ladleys and, as such, she should be ignoring us. We’ve driven, walked, cycled and run. And, of course, watched quite a lot of the Olympics…

…which have been fab? How can we, a country of around 60 million, have more medals than China, a country of 1 billion? It is, of course, all about money. And well done to John Major, who post Atlanta, decided to throw lottery money at the problem. And as we all know money makes points, and points make prizes. It’s not that we are genetically more winner shaped than, say Germany or France. It’s just that were much more organised and better equipped than the other two. I don’t want to brag, but as a company commander with 100 soldiers we used to win a good number of the battalion competitions. And it wasn’t that we were necessarily fitter than the other companies, it’s just that I used to get every soldier to try every sport/event, pick the best and then we’d train accordingly. And, more often than not, we’d win or come v close to winning. It’s about being better organised and then throwing money at the problem. So well done the UK – but I’d still rather remain in the EU, before you think I’m getting too jingoistic.

our place by the farm

What about the book? Well, I don’t know. I just don’t. With Unsuspecting Hero I can get an hourly update on book sales. You buy one – anywhere in the world – and I know 20 minutes later. With FtF I don’t know squat. I have no idea how many books I’ve sold, nor how many of you have downloaded a free book as a scout. I do know how many reviews I’ve had, and where I sit in the rankings (and you know both of those things by looking at the the Amazon web page). At the moment I’m having a discussion with Amazon as to how this might improve, but as they own the book I think I may have to wait until the end of the month. Month-on-month. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Heading off again tomorrow – southward. Hurrah!

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