A couple of days by the river…

C made the point that if you go somewhere you’ve been before and throw in some good weather, all of a sudden time slows down and you start to relax and enjoy yourself. That’s how we have found ourselves, now on our fourth day on a Stellplatz on the banks of the Mosel, a river we know reasonably well. Interestingly, though, not that often during the summer. And now, with Mrs Sun winning the Gold Medal in the Olympics weather stakes, we’re having a ball.

we walked up here

We left R&C’s on Tuesday night with the aim of catching an early morning ferry. The beauty with P&O is that even if you book a dog-early slot (for the cheapest price), if you turn up early and they have room they’ll slot you on. That’s what happened with us. As a result we were on the Calais Aire in good time for a half-decent nights kip. Wednesday, after a pop to Auchan for a quick breakfast and some fuel, in rubbish weather we drove and drove stopping at teatime on a motorway Aire in Belgium. Ordinarily this wouldn’t have been our bag, but with the Olympics providing must-watch telly, we didn’t notice that we were parked between two huge juggernauts.

We made it to the Mosel on Thursday and pretty much parked up on the first Stellplatz we found. Stellplatzs are the German equivalents of French Aires, and v good they are too. Most cost, but this is mid-summer and we are right by the river and it’s €11 a night which includes EHU. That’s a remarkable price and there are scores of Stellplatzs down the Mosel – it’s easy to find a slot.

Doris in top spot

We cycled 25 miles + picnic on Friday (cycle paths on both sides of the river) and yesterday we walked onto the other side of the river, climbed the hillside through the vines and did a circuit back to Doris in great walking weather. In between I have been skipping (a groin strain preventing me from running) and we have watched more Olympics than is probably good for us. Hasn’t it been fab again? I think the best point so far has been the girl who won a Silver in the trampolining. Did you see that? Wasn’t she fab? So surprised, so happy and so brilliant. I love it.

We still have no plan. That’s made it all very relaxing. We’re heading southeast, but don’t want to stray too far from a decent satellite signal with the Olympics broadcasting to next weekend. Currently we have a ferry booked for 9 September, as we are due at BBC 2’s party in the park in 11 September and then I’ve got work the following week. How lucky are we?

And an update on the book. It goes live on Tuesday. By then I hope to have about 15 reviews across all of the Amazon sites, and will go for a major Facebook advertising campaign on the same day. Hopefully the paperback will be out on the same day and Amazon, if they do what they say they’re going to do, will launch their own advertising campaign. I have a promise of around 50 reviews which should come in the next couple of weeks. So, unless I get a bellyful of reviews from people I don’t know, I think it’s unlikely that I’ll make 100 reviews in 3 weeks. But I am still trying.

That’s us, from an Olympic, sun-soaked Mosel valley. And all is well.

4 thoughts on “A couple of days by the river…

  1. Looks like a great time. We are finally starting on our journey with Lola repaired and our summer house rented. FtF is GREAT; just finished it. Do have a couple of minor comments – how do I get those to you? You can reach me through my public email rvbuiltfortwo at gmail dot com then we can switch to private.

  2. Hello there – good to read of your touring life again… our house in Pompey has sold, so we hope to hit the road in late September. We have downloaded our FTF copy – and we’re saving it as on tour reading – we rarely pick up a fiction book when in the UK – the busy Ness of family life dominates. I am curious however about the seeming pressing need for reviews – can you explain why their is a target for reviews in 3 weeks. We can adapt our reading habits if needs be! Indeed, it woul be good to have a reason to settle down with a novel that rivals the next thing on the To Do list! Warm wishes to you and Claire xx

    • Hi Hilary – where are you off to in September? V excited for you both. Reviews = higher on the list = better marketing = more sales. But take your time. I’d like you to enjoy it! Keep in touch. Roland and Claire xxx

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