Billy no mates…

I’m pretty certain everyone is sick and tired of my going on about my books. C certainly has had it non-stop and I am not beyond stopping a stranger in the street and telling them how excited I am. Yesterday a friend of Mary’s popped round and told me her husband had just finished Unsuspecting Hero and was now onto Fuelling the Fire. That was it. She got my literary life history – and some. My friends are sick of it, well those who still call themselves my friend. I am an author bore. Official. No need to talk about it behind your hands. I know.

And when I’m not talking to people about it, I’m checking the many e-sites I have which tell me how things are doing, who I’ve been communicating with and reminding me that I am very dull. Facebook, my Facebook Page, four Amazon pages (UK, US, Canada and Australia), two Amazon author pages (UK and US), my UH sales figures (sold three book yesterday – yippee!, and two new reviews) and the number of hits on YouTube for the FtF trailer (146 last time I looked). Oh, and the stats for this site. Throw in the need to watch every second of the Olympics and I am a busy, but very dreary, man. I love it!

Now I know you want to know about Rebecca and Steven who flew to the Bahamas yesterday (and got there safely). That we took them to the airport with burgeoning suitcases and big smiles as they jetted off to a much better place. We are so pleased and excited for them. We have a family WhatsApp group (us and the Greens – Steven’s family). Bex called us on WhatsApp yesterday, clear as a bell. All seems well there.


But I want to share with you my latest (of 7 so far – okay, so a long way short of 100, but I am working on it) review of FtF. I do not know who this reader is: I enjoyed this book so much I immediately bought the first in the series. It interweaves special forces (SRR and SAS) action with SIS (MI6) intelligence gathering by its slightly quirky heroine, Sam Green. It’s an astonishing mix that will please fans like me of both Lee Child and Stella Rimington. The detail and obvious behind the scenes knowledge make for a compelling and deeply satisfying read yet the author has managed to sustain a fast pace that I found riveting and held my attention. I nominated this book for publication from an abstract on Kindle Scout and subsequently received a copy free two weeks before publication. I’m so glad that Kindle has now published it. It’s an absolute corker. How fab is that?

So, as you can tell, I am in marketing mode. I have emailed BBC Bristol and asked them if they think a local Kindle Scouter is a story. Doubtless Amazon will do something when they launch on 16 August, and I am going to use Facebook to advertise as soon as I have 10 reviews on the UK site (and similarly on the US site). And I have some other thoughts up my sleeve. For me though, the reviews give me real confidence that this is a book that people will enjoy if I can get it to them. I just need to do that.

Off to R&C’s tonight in Dover and then an early doors ferry to Calais tomorrow morning (£106 return for Doris – how good is that). Then four weeks of pottering, some marketing and, hopefully, a couple of chapters of book three. I’ll let you know a title when I have one.

Have a good one…

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