Almost on holiday…

Phew…! That’s that then. It’s been an amazing couple of weeks. To be honest, for a start-up summer school I wasn’t expecting much, but Johanna and her team really pulled it off. It was full on for the students and, for me, nine leadership lectures/seminars and a lecture on my time in Sierra Leone allowed me to prepare a lecture series which I can use anywhere as well as getting a lot of things straight in my head.

the staff…

the students…

Then there’s the book. I’ve only had two reviews so far, but both have been extremely positive. Tomorrow I start on my own marketing campaign getting as many of those who nominated FtF as possible to finish it and pen a review. The ambition is still 100 reviews in three weeks. It might be pie in the sky, but I’m determined to give it my best shot. The book goes live on 16 August, although you can preorder now. Unfortunately I can’t access any stats at the moment, so I’ve no idea how many of the scouts have downloaded the book, nor how many preorders there are. I have asked Kindle what’s what, but I’ve had no reply. If you wish to preorder, then please do so here:

I’m at Mary’s at the moment. C, Steve and Bex have just arrived fully loaded ready for their Bahamas expedition tomorrow. We’re taking them to the airport early doors, and they’ll be back for Christmas. Our aim is to fly over and see them in the Spring. That’ll be fun.

We’re off to Germany (via R&C’s) on Wednesday. The aim is to follow the sun for four weeks, whilst writing and marketing. I have just finished 140 personal emails/Linked In messages to people who I know voted for the book. I’d like to think half of those might end up penning a review. It’s not quite 100, but it’s a good start.

Oh, and we will try and recharge our batteries whilst we’re away. Hurrah!

Have a great week.

2 thoughts on “Almost on holiday…

  1. Is that the same tie as you were wearing last Friday?
    On a serious note, the link for pre-ordering has dropped off


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