This is fun!

So far so good. Four days, two lectures and one seminar, and a day-trip to Blenheim Palace. Seven lectures/seminars to go. It’s been great fun and has meant that I have had to think v hard about a wide range of leadership issues which I have taken for granted for ever – but now need to explain. The age range is interesting (17-23), all from overseas (US to Mauritius, including Ghana and Madagascar) but with English really well spoken. As always, I have treated them like little soldiers – as I used to my school classes – and they seem to have responded.

If you’ve never taught or lectured then I can tell you it is one of the most rewarding things to do. I’m guessing everyone remembers being taught or lectured at, so you know what works for you and what doesn’t. And how easy it is to be put off by the idiot at the front. I try v hard to be both an idiot and not be an idiot if you know what I mean. And so far I think it’s working. It certainly means I have a two-week course up my sleeve which I could adapt for adults if I needed. We’ll see how the book goes.

Of which there is still no sign! Sorry. I don’t want to press them as I’m sure they know what they are doing. But hopefully it will come together soon enough.

who's the idiot?

who’s the idiot?

C is with Bex and Steven in Wolverhampton as they prepare for the off to the Bahamas the week after next. She’s pootling too and fro. I’m back in this evening for a picnic in the park (I get paid a small stipend, but accommodation and feeding is free). And that’s working well. Indeed, having seen this summer school at first hand (the director is an ex-pupil of C’s and mine, which is a bit wired but works well), I think they’re doing a first-class job. The small group of students really appear to be engaged and enjoying every bit of the experience. It feels good to be involved with something that appears to be working well.

Anyhow, got to go. Hopefully the next time I write the book with be out there. Fingers crossed!

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