Now in Oxford…

You’ll be pleased to hear that I’m staying off politics today. Although, having spent this afternoon with the international students for who I’m providing the leadership slice of their Oxford summer school, where we discussed nothing but politics, I’m tempted to give you a more global overview.

Alas, time is not on my side. It’s late, I’m in the National Socialist Campsite in Oxford (miserable, unhelpful staff and a rule book you could weigh down a marquee with (C is still with Mary)), and I’ve got some prep to do for tomorrow – my first lecture. Having been through the old leadership training thing many times in my career, and having employed someone to do the same when I was a teacher at Wells, I’m going to be v interested in the looks on the faces of the students tomorrow when I engage them. It is all my own work – which is both worrying and exciting. I’ve always felt that these sessions never give enough hands-on advice, and I’m dishing it out in ladle fulls. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Other than that, all’s well. No news from Amazon ref FtF. I did check the whole Kindle Scout list the other day. One book that was picked put the day before me has been published, so I’m hoping that it will be with all you Scouts very soon. Then, that’s when the real marketing starts!

Got to go. I’ll try and give a fuller update on Wednesday. Have a great week.

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