Big book week coming up!

So, FtF is with Amazon. It went there Friday morning. I also sent a copy to my print on demand publishers. The cover is finished and the video trailer has been uploaded onto YouTube here: I am looking at getting my own print run done of 500 or so – not quite sure what I’m going to with them. Everything is set. I have rehearsed the plot for book three and on Wednesday I’m off to London to see someone who can help me visualise what it’s like to be an SIS agent working out of Moscow (book three). I can’t tell you any more than that otherwise I’d have to kill you. So, book three is on the chocks.

We had a lovely evening with P&K – he had some good news about a business venture if his, which was great. I flirted with the thought of working full time again, but broke out into a rash. On Thursday we ended back up in Bristol with Jen just as Pokemon Go! hit the streets. I kid you not, on a two mile walk we came across two pairs of grown men wandering around the nature reserve looking for the imaginary creatures. I quizzed both pairs and they were all v excited by the search. At the point of find, whether or not they’re pushing young children over to get to the Pokemon, I didn’t press. But at least they’re out on their feet.

engagement party…

Friday night Bex and Steven came down and we all went to the pub for a celebratory meal for their engagement. And then yesterday we drove to A&A’s new place (with Bex and Steven) to catch them before he disappears to Qatar on his post-Army job. It was great to catch them – as always – and lovely to see them settling into their own place. As ever, it sent C and I into that thought process of settling down – twice in one week! – and we did discuss with Bex and Steven maybe buying a run-down place in France and turning it into a self-sufficient commune of sorts. This would be post-their 2 years in the Bahamas. It’s a thought and aren’t we lucky to be able to consider it?

rubbish selfie at A&A’s…

Back home now at our fave Bristol CL. Off to Mary’s tomorrow then up to Mum and Dad’s. I start working for two-weeks (running a leadership course within a summer course for Oxford Future Leaders) on Saturday, something I’m really looking forward to. It’s not much money, but it’s on my own terms. Directly after that, you’ll all be pleased to hear, having waved Rebecca and Steven off to the Caribbean, where heading across the Channel and taking Doris back to her birth place. Over four weeks we hope to see friends in Denmark and southern Germany. Goodness we’re looking forward to the break and getting our knees brown.

So that’s us. Big book week this week. If you do get you’re copy, I really hope you enjoy it and please pen a review on Amazon. You can do it anonymously and needn’t write anything, just five-stars will do! Thanks, and have a great week.

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