We’re home…


Thank you for all of your thoughts and comments. We must have left the airport (in a plane on the way to Frankfurt) about an hour before the horror started. Thanks to Andy K who texted me at Frankfurt airport asking if we were OK – at that point we were in the dark. As we walked onto the plane I quickly phoned a few of our loved ones to tell them we were out of harm’s way.  Without that timely intervention we would have been in the air and out of reach for an hour and a half with all sorts of hares running.  So thanks Andy – and the rest of you who immediately got in touch.

So we’re okay.  But that’s not the whole point, is it?  Turkish tourism is down by 45% on previous seasonal highs.  We didn’t have to queue to get into any attraction – which is highly unusual.  And with the Turks hoping to cement Ataturk airport as a huge international hub, this is the last thing they needed.  That’s before you even start to consider the personal grief of those who have lost family and friends.  You have to feel for them.  This is a country trying to make the most of their past and present history.  Yes, their human rights record particularly in the east against the Kurds is not good, but they don’t deserve to be subject to this sort of man-designed horror.  And when, like us, you’ve just rubbed shoulders with scores and scores of them and realise they are just fragile human beings like you and me it makes you weep.  Bless them all.

For completeness I didn’t get the Exec Lead job.  I had to phone to find out.  But in the end the answer was going to be the same.  Never mind.  It gives us some freedom we thought we might have lost, and, let’s face it, after yesterday our whole life could have been considerably worse.


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