Off to Asia…

Still no news from Exec Lead – they did say ‘next week’ so I’m still displaying acre loads of patience.  I had a day in Cheltenham yesterday mentoring two head teachers and really love it.  It is, however, very tiring.  For a two hour slot you have to be on your guard, careful of what you say.  C equated it to being a counsellor – and I guess it is v much the same sort of thing.

imageOther news includes that I have written to a number of folk suggesting that I may not be a bad author to sign up.  One book is already published and has 30 five-star reviews.  The other has been selected by Amazon for e-publication and has an in-place potential readership of at least 3,300 (the number of folk who visited my KS page).  And, yes it’s true, I have the outline plot for the third book in my head.  I can’t tell you how excited I am with that!
And finally, after a few days of not very much but some excruciating English footy, the news is that C and I are off to Istanbul.  I think we both had a down couple of days and Jen suggested that we go away.  We haven’t had a holiday…okay, so I won’t finish that sentence.  So for £500 including everything door-to-door (without spending money), we’re off to Istanbul on Friday for four nights.  Our 3-star hotel has a pool on its roof (well it looked like a pool) and we have an itinerary sorted.  Serendipitously as I pressed ‘book’ on my machIne, BBC 2 threw up Michael Portillo on a railway journey, where most of his programme was based in, you’ve guessed it, Istanbul.  How bizarre!  Anyhow, we’re really looking forward to getting away, having some time to ourselves and seeing the sights.  Of course Istanbul is overdue both an earthquake on a biblical scale and a major terrorist attack.  And, if you all vote to leave, we’re not coming back.  So it might be an eventful few days.
Good luck at the booth tomorrow.  And remember, if our pensions take a hit and the EU collapses and we end up in a war with Russia, then I’ll be after those of you who voted to leave.  But don’t let that influence you…

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