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I have to say that my hour with Year 8 on Friday at Wells talking about Creative Writing was the highlight of the past four days. What a scream! It went along the lines of ‘any idiot can write a story – look at me’, combined with ‘Creative Writing – the clue’s in the title’. My writing is certainly creative, if you consider some of my sentence construction – which are often original and hardly textbook. It was fun.

I also did some mentoring whilst I was down there and I am still waiting for Executive Lead to get back to me after Tuesday’s interview. Having waited for 10 days for Kindle Scout to come back, I am now a self-proclaimed expert in hanging about for good or bad news. I’d really like the opportunity to work with state school academy heads during their training, but will absolutely understand if I’m not the man they want. We’ll see.


Today we did a carboot. I’m sure there’s a better verb than ‘did’? Maybe ‘to carboot’ has already made it into the British vernacular. I can tell you now, it certainly has made it into the Eastern European dictionary. They were everywhere. Don’t get me wrong. In the monumental week where our politicians are asking us to vote on something which, frankly, I don’t think we should be asked to vote on, I’m not nailing my colours to the mast with that statement. In case you need any nudging, I am wholly European and dead against the 50% of you reading this who feel that nationalism has a higher priority than collectivism. I could go on forever describing my views, but I’ll just stick with a single sentence: the world is a more dangerous and unstable place today than it was during the height of the Cold War; our leaving the EU will inevitably undermine that organisation, and may even be the catalyst that breaks it apart – do we really want that on our conscience? And if you want another 50 reasons as to why we should stay, drop me a line…


Anyhow, the carboot was great. We had a low hurdle of £50 profit and took home £60, so that was a good thing? And we were back at Doris in time for lunch and medals! Hurrah!

We’re helping Jen tomorrow and on Tuesday I’ve got a full day of mentoring up in Cheltenham. From Wednesday we’ve ring-fenced three weeks to be on our own (pretty much). We think we’re going to climb Scafell and spend some time up-north, coming back via my parents. During that time I should hear from Exec Lead, and whilst FtF is being edited by someone in the US, l’m going to start some of my own marketing. For completeness the latest copy of the FtF trailer is here: FtF trailer

Have a great week.

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