Loving the stories…

I have to say, and I don’t really mean to blow smoke up…, but I’ve really enjoyed checking the proofread of Unsuspecting Hero. It is, even if I say so myself, a great story and now, after various edits, not badly told. Tonight I started checking the proof of FtF. I’m loving that as well. I suppose if I not happy with what I’ve written, there’s little chance that anyone else will be?

FtF has remained ‘on the list’, and with knowing desperation this morning I started going back to a key group of people who I know will go out of their way to ask again, just to keep the numbers up there. I only need to do this for a couple more days. It seems that in the last two days, books gain extra votes as people who want plenty of free books vote late for their favourites, knowing they’ve only got to wait a couple of days before they can vote again – you’re restricted to three votes each. I’m hoping that will happen to FtF.

Last night was a hum-dinger. Cocktails at some very loud joint in Birmingham, followed by a meal at a Japanese restaurant where the food is prepared on a flat griddle before your eyes, with flames as big as a house singeing anything in range. We got home late…and a bit worse for wear.

Jen and James came up from Bristol today, just to say hi. The six of us, a congealing family if you like, walked Cassie up on Cannock Chase before we had lunch in Steve Dad’s back garden overlooking the canal. Priceless. To recover from last night’s excesses, we’re alcohol free tonight, accompanying ham and chips.

As I finish for today, I think it’s important to start to recognise the people who have tirelessly helped try and promote the book. If it comes to nought, then so be it. If it’s selected by Mr Amazon, then I have an awful lot of people to thank. So thank you!

Have a good Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Loving the stories…

  1. Sometimes it’s great to look again at something you’ve created once a bit of time has passed – you’re able to be more objective. So if you’re enjoying your books from this distance and they’re saying what you wanted them to say … well that’s success. Keep it up … and let us know where your first book signing will be!!

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