Mrs Sun…hurrah!


At last – something that feels like you might be comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. As a result we cycled down the canal to Stafford. We’ve done a lot of canal walking/cycling. What is interesting is that here in the Midlands the boats are all fabulous. Immaculately groomed and front page stuff for Tow Path Weekly. Down south, along the Kennet and Avon, the waterway is jammed packed with run-down liveaboards, their possessions spewing out onto the tow path and the distinct smell of burning weed suspended in the air. Fabulous. Well, the weed that is.

We had a picnic out and I did some more dealing with the company who are type-setting and publishing both books – maybe not FtF on Kindle if, next Thursday, I’m told that it’s been selected by Amazon. V excited about this. It’s still ‘hot and trending’, and has been since launch. How can they not offer me a e-publishing contract (because they don’t like the book…?). I’m preparing for the worst.

We won the pub quiz last night. I was hopeless, but thankfully both Steven and Bex (and C) are well educated and make up for my rubbish retentive memory.

I’ve finished proofing Unsuspecting Hero, and that’s now with Octavo who will take it back to market in a much better place than when it started. I loved rereading it – it’s a fun story. If you haven’t read it, it’s only 99p on Kindle – have a look?

Out for supper into Birmingham tonight. Some Japanese food, I understand. I shall inevitably get something wrong and eat the cutlery rather than the piece of cold fish that looks like a spoon. Oh well.

Have a great Bank Holiday!

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