It’s going to be short again…

So, we’ve just come back from the RUH where I’ve had a CT scan. It’s all just checking some family history stuff – all my limbs are working ok. But it’s means we’ve crammed in an awful lot of stuff today. I’m up to Chapt 17 on UH. I’ve arranged a contract for both books to be ‘taken to the market’, washed the outside of Doris and some other stuff. C’s been shopping for wool (there are now some v cold sheep out there) and we driven around a bit. FtF has remained on the hot and trending list, so all’s well.

My latest target was Motorhome365. A full timing chat room for people like us. I don’t visit it often, but the threads are about the fun and woes of doing it our way. Broken fridges, cheap sites etc. Which reminds me, our RCD (240v input) switch is playing up at the moment. I might need to get it replaced.

Anyhow. We’re off to Bex and Steven’s school tomorrow. Bex has her tutor group running a short assembly about the UN. I’m ‘show and tell’, with my own 5 minute slot. Could be fun.

Seven more marketing days until Christmas. Thank goodness…


Have a good Thursday.

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