Call this Spring?

A big week this week. We are still at R&C’s looking after Burgundy and Tizla, their two wonderful Hungarian Vizlas (I’ve probably not spelt that right). But today I’m driving to Mary’s for an overnight stop on the way to Stratford where, tomorrow, I’m presenting my version of leadership, ‘Compassionate Leadership’, to a group of thirty school middle-leaders. I’m then meeting up with a new coach/mentor client in Abingdon and home on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday I’m connecting with the administration of one of the groups of headteachers that exist out there to discuss my school leadership paper – which he seemed to like – and possibly for some more opportunities for presenting. It all sounds like the little business is building into something, but I can assure you that it’s much smaller than it sounds. But there is momentum.

On Thursday I’m having a second chat to a woman who runs a firm which support self-publishers. With the rise of e-books there are plenty of these around. For a fee they smarten up your book (you pay extra for proof reading) and distribute and market the whole thing, as well as printing to order. I’m not sure, you know? In the old days it was called vanity publishing where, to all intents and purposes, you are the agent, editor and publisher – you chose whether or not your book is good enough for full-blown publication, without it ever passing a professional eye. It used to be frowned upon.

But, with Fuelling the Fire, I do think I have a reasonable product, although you wouldn’t know as you’ve not had chance to read it yet, have you? So, apart from probably getting the novel professionally proof-read, I think I’m going to opt for trying out Kindle Scout, where you lot decided if the book should be published or not…well, you and a small team at Kindle. It’s no cost to me and, if selected, I would get the weight of Amazon’s marketing expertise behind me. If selected…

That’s for the end of the week then.

It’s been a real break here. We’ve walked and run and walked some more. One of the photos is C dressed up against a biting wind walking across Romney Marsh. The one of me and Steven (Bex’s boyfriend), is a hangover from Scotland. He is the reluctant rambler…

Doris has been cleaned to an inch if her life. Lifting the mattresses on our bed revealed some really bad mould created by some non-Hymer insulation put under the bed by the previous owners. We have sorted that. So that’s all taken its time. And on Thursday we drove up to Colchester to see Mum and Dad. No change there.

And we’re now halfway through House of Cards. It’s still darker than the place where Schrondingers’s cat lives, and as intense as a double espresso, but great TV.

Have a great week.

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