Global warming?

Id like to start by confirming that C and I are true environmentalists. We recycle everything, use v little water and, living in a cream metal box, (other than diesel, and I try to make that to as far as possible – sorry ensuing convoy), have a small an environmental footprint as we can achieve. You wait until we build our completely off-grid 24v house. That’s the ultimate plan.

Why do I say this? Well, because whilst we’re currently shivering in our socks, I have fond memories to exactly nine years ago when C took over as a Houseparent at Wells Cathedral School (best kept secret in the southwest). As we moved our unnecessarily large number of possessions into our new home, the weather browned our knees, and with all the associated effort of lugging furniture about, poured sweat into our eyes. The temperature difference between now and then must be at least ten degrees. Global warming? You tell me…

This post is about our first trip back into the Army establishment. We’re both Army brats and, having joined the Army at 16 (via their sixth form college), I met C – an Army nurse – six years later. After 27 years I left and, apart from keeping in touch with close friends, have not touched a Regimental reunion, nor been to any military event. My stock phrase when asked was always “I loved every moment, but I don’t miss it for a moment…” And that is true. (The same could be said for the eight years I worked at Wells as a teacher.). So last Friday as we boarded the train from Godalming to head off to the 3rd Battalion cocktail party, it was with slight trepidation that we might be shunned for not keeping in touch.


Well, what a night! It’s true to say that that particular event is full of the old and bold and C and I knew pretty much everyone of the attendees – and I think it’s fair we could call most of them old friends. But it was like nothing had changed. The do started at an hotel near Tower Bridge and ended up in the Tower where we had one of the brilliant Yeoman show us round before we had a fish and chip supper in their mess. The tour was fab, but what was brilliant was meeting up with all of the people we hadn’t seen in literally years. Too many to mention, although it was a huge surprise and a wonderful fillip to see that Seymour had made it. It was like nothing had changed.

We leave Mary’s today and make our way to Dover to dog-sit for R&C as they swan off to Botswana for three weeks (we’re only there for two). We have a number of things to fill our time whilst we are there, including, for me, two days at a school leadership conference where I am one of the presenters and after-dinner speaker! Yippee! I am really looking forward to that, although I really should do some prep between now and then.

Have a great week…

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