Still, still here…

It’s great to find this sort of space. The northwest coast of Scotland is a vast expanse of nothing but hills, lochs, sea and sheep. Yes, there are crofts and hamlets and the odd village which calls itself a town. There are people and tourists, walkers and twitchers. But not so you’d notice. There is no internet, very little phone signal (sorry for the folks who’ve been trying to get in touch with us) and when you do get it, it has enough data to let you know that it has data – but can’t actually transmit and receive any.



So that’s good. It slows you down and removes the irritations of the modern world: the need and the draw to shop; cars driven by people who think they’re a weapon; people on pavements who think they’re a weapon; noise – ever present, so much so that you begin not to notice it; did I mention shopping and the desire to buy things? And I guess the Internet, but I’m on its side. I love being able to keep up to date with the news and the blogs that I follow. And C enjoys keeping up to date on Facebook.



And it allows you to think about life – something we’ve not done for a good while. For me it’s always about work, or not work? I keep reminding myself that if we continue to live the way we do (v frugally), then I don’t have to work. But at the same time I’m waiting for my friendly agent to even acknowledge that she’s received my submission of FtF. And, concurrently, I’ve again updated Unsuspecting Hero which is now in so much better a state than it was when it was published. I’m also thinking through my presentations for a middle-managers conference I presenting to in a couple of weeks. As well as gently expanding the whole Compassionate Leadership business. My question remains – how hard should I work at working? Mmmm, not sure…

We’ve had some lovely stops, been for a run and latterly ended up at the Blue Tea Van with Leigh (blue tea van). The route to this remote lighthouse is single track road – which is just about as wide as Doris. But we made it and were greeted by a brilliant bacon and egg roll. If you’re north of the Great Glen, you really should make an effort to go here. We didn’t see any, but Lee often sees Orca, whales and sea eagles. I have to report it was blooming freezing in the northerly wind this morning, but what the heck.

Another seven days here until we have to head off south. It’s colder than it ever has been for us, but we’ll manage. Have a great rest of week.

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