We love Bristol

Things are moving along. I’ve had a couple of half days’ worth of work – and enjoyed both of them. Concurrently both C and I are working through FtF…and really enjoying it too. It’s not perfect, but it’s almost certainly the best I (we) can make it. For those of you who eventually get round to reading it, I really hope you love it. We will see.

In among all of this we have continued to run and on Tuesday we cycled into and out of Bristol (22 miles round trip) to meet up with a parent/school friend of C’s. We ate in a small city-centre market food stall, which had been set out like a Moorish cafe. The food was exceptional – although my stomach isn’t necessarily agreeing with that prognosis today – and the exercise was fun. Well done Bristol, it is a fabulous city. (Check out the colour of the cake!)


And, today, whilst we were looking over a chapter of FtF I got an email from the agent contact (more details later) who has put me, via a third party, onto one the firm’s agents more suited to my sort of book. It seems likely that I might be able to submit FtF for review next week. At least, I hope, this time I’ll know that somebody who looks over FtF has an interest in this sort of genre and will actually give it a go. It could be time for an hurrah. I just need to know whether or not I should persevere. Or not.

We have nothing planned for the next couple of days. I have some non-contact work to do with my Compassionate Leadership client, and we have more prep for the Scotland trip. So that’ll keep us busy.

And finally, today we popped along to see Seymour and Debbie. It was great to see them both – he and I immediately go into ‘do you remember’ mode about our days together in the Army, and laugh a great deal. Fabulous.

Anyhow…All’s well here. Doris has been passed to Motorhome Depot, a UK-wide sales broker. I’ll tell you how that goes if it’s successful, just in case you find yourself in our position. And big Doris continues to be fabulous. It’ll have four of us in her next week. So that’ll be a test.

Have a great Easter.

2 thoughts on “We love Bristol

  1. What a fun looking cake.

    Many thanks for the Easter card, much appreciated but difficult to reciprocate for those of no fixed abode, where does your mail go, to Jen’s

    If I’ve understood the book development gives grounds for guarded optimism?

    In theory I’m off today until Wed. However, our bearded Belgium based chums by blowing themselves and other unfortunates sky high have initiated Op deny Easter. I expect they didn’t mean this to happen. If I had their phone number I’d suggest that next time they want to top themselves they let me know in advance and I can align the diary.

    Hey ho

    Have a good couple of days


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