Green fingers

It’s been a gardening time. One of the reason for coming to Annie’s is to help her with her garden. It’s not quite been Ground Force (certainly C doesn’t have Charlie Dimmock’s assets), but we have got a lot done. And the place does look so much better. Below are a couple of photos that paint a bit of the story.


Whilst this has been going on, both C and I have been working hard on FtF. I’ve no idea how the professionals do it, but let me tell you how much editing FtF has been through. Last autumn I wrote a chapter and then edited it. Then I write another. At the end of the book C read it in brief and gave me some pointers as to where it needed further amplification. (She liked it, by the way). Then Mikki edited it in full, and I reviewed her edits. C’s sister Annie read it whilst we were skiing in January so that I could submit the first three chapters to the agents (still two refusals and nothing from three others). Then Annie W, an old friend, edited it, and I then reviewed her edits. Currently I am going through it again. Just behind me, and on top of that, C and I are collectively editing again – it’s amazing how many sentences we feel we have to change. And to finish, Mikki is proof reading the final product and I am reviewing her comments.

That’s a lot of work. I reckon each full edit is about forty hours work. It took me at least six hours a chapter – so the current man hours spent on FtF is well on the way to 300 hours of work, although I reckon that’s an underestimate. Thankfully the front cover took less than an hour!

Of course, I’ll have to bring the book together – it’s currently in chapter form. And when I get the chance to put it onto a Word platform, the v competent spell check will inevitably pick up some more issues.

Anyhow. Off to Wells tomorrow for some more work. And then back to Bristol on Saturday for a week. Someone’s coming to look at Doris on Saturday, so hopefully we might have a buyer.

All’s well here – oh, by the way, did you watch the Obama programme on the Beeb last night? Fabulous. If you’re a West Wing fan (currently watching that with Annie – for us the fourth time), then you’d struggle to work out which is fiction and which is fact. It’s on again next Tuesday. Watch it!

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