Doesn’t the weather make a difference?

You wouldn’t believe I have a half-decent camera. For those of you who have been with me for some tIme, you’ll know that, at times, I did work hard to take some decent photos. Since Christmas, the camera has seen little of the light of day. But, with weather that tempts you outdoors as we’ve had over the past couple of days, I have had it in my hand. Actually the results were not great, but I go at least one decent photo of C with Cassie on the Lambourn Downs yesterday.


What’s been up? I had a full day at work on Thursday – it’s still great fun. I am learning a great deal as I go along, making some mistakes, and picking some things up. It looks like I’ve picked up another client and I have another couple of avenues that I am gently pursuing. Along with this we are close to making FtF ready for publication. I guess it’s going to take a couple of weeks, and then I might look at Kindle Scout as a publication option. In short, you hand your book over to Amazon. You market a snapshot of it, and if you get enough decent reviews, they then take responsibility for the book and off you go. If you don’t, after 45 days, you get ownership back and you can then do what you want. It’s a thought. (BTW every time I proof read it, I get be excited by what’s down on paper – I really hope it works for you!)

I’ve also been fixing things in Doris Too. The water pump broke… It’s complicated, but we left the pump on whilst we were out and it burnt out. I have a spare, and the beauty about the Hymer is access to the pump is easy. Anyhow, I replaced it, but it took me sometime to realise that the pump needed a no-return valve; the hot water tank was emptying once you turned the pump off. So, I cut off the valve from the old pump (it was in-built), and bodged it together. Job done! You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve ordered another spare pump and a proper no-return valve. The photo might tell some of the story.


We also descaled the hot water tank with 5 litres of white wine vinegar (£10; apparently it’s a lot cheaper in France). We’ve struggled to get two consecutive showers out of the tank, but some of that is because the pump is stronger than what we use to in Doris.

We’re at Annies now (C’s sister). We’re here all week – helping in the garden and stuff. I’ve got a hospital check up in Bath tomorrow morning and more work at Wells on Thursday. So we have the Focus with us as well. Big Doris continues to be a blessing, as we count our own. And, if the weather stays like this, things are on the up. The last photo is something Annie showed us. The two girls are ours; the two boys are Annie’s. A splodge of cousins!


Have a great week.

4 thoughts on “Doesn’t the weather make a difference?

  1. Ro

    How many expressions of interest do Kindle Scout require to market the book? Is it something that can be orchestrated?

    Not much to report from here, lovely walk in the sun this morning no blooming freezing again with a bitting wind; I’m getting soft.

    Glad to hear the work is proving fun and a useful learning process.

    R ________________________________

    • Not sure, but I have quite a following which might be able to be engineered. Let’s speak later this week. I also have another avenue…but it’s unlikely to come off. I’ll phone later. R u going to the cocktail party?

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