It’s rain again

So, the weather’s rubbish again. We did have a cold, clear day (probably two, but I’m not going to spoil a great story with the truth) and then it rained again – this time on the back of a bitter northwest wind which makes you think twice about going outside. Following Ju and Jay (Our Tour – check them out if you want to see how this full-timing is done properly), it seems that the weather’s not much better in northern Italy. I’m secretly quite pleased about that.

Big Doris continues to impress. Driving no longer holds any fears (although I must watch for complacency) and, once pitched, we have everything we need. The more I think about it, the more her layout suits us. The large lounge area and separate shower are both real boons. And not having to fight to get things out of the garage is, again, a plus. Doris One has not gone yet, but it’s early days. I have dropped the price on Autotrader, but I must hold out. Somebody will want her, we just need to be patient.

The book, FtF, has finished its last-but-one edit. C and I are now going through it for the last time. If I get nothing from the final agents, I’m considering Kindle Scout. This allows you to post extracts of your book on Kindle and, should there be enough interest, Amazon take control of the whole thing, pay you $1500 and then give you 50% royalties. The drawbacks are that you lose control of it for 45 days as the process runs its course, you have to market the book whilst it’s being ‘advertised’ to catch the selectors’ eyes, and you lose royalties in the long run. Good news is that, if your book is selected by their panel, then you get the might of Amazon’s marketing behind you.

If I select this route, it’s does mean FtF won’t hit the market for at least 8 weeks – but then it would be a summer book, like UH – whIch is no bad thing.


Less than four months ago…wish we were here!

My other work is ongoing. I’m back down in Wells on Friday and again for a day next week. I’m pressing other avenues for some work, and maybe publishing my paper on compassionate leadership, so that’s keeping me busy.

All-in-all, if you excuse the weather, we’re okay. Off to Annie’s, C’s sister, at the weekend to help her with her garden. Really hoping for some decent weather! Have a great rest of your week.

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