Things are good


Somebody said to me yesterday (at our ‘lunch in suits’), that the grammar and spelling of the blog was rubbish. This is true. Actually, don’t confine comment to just the blog. My grammar and spelling is rubbish – end of. I’ve realised that I actually talk using words and grammar that actually don’t exist in the real world. The fact that, in the past, I have been writing papers for government Ministers to read should worry you. On the other hand, Shakespeare was renown for making up words and altering grammar, so perhaps I’m just ahead of my time.

It’s been a good couple of days. Doris (Too) is sorted, other than the windscreen wipers and the handbrake – we have to go back for those two things. They’ve sealed the windows, the fridge is sorted, and everything else is okay. We drove all the way to Godalming from Wellington and, as we expected, she behaved fabulously. And we managed to get her into Mary’s drive – which is great. She does block out Mrs Sun, but at least she’s off the road.

Yesterday – lunch at the Army and Navy for Rosemary’s birthday – was fab. It was a cold day, and C and I froze as we walked across Waterloo Bridge, but we managed to warm up at Costa’s in Waterstones on Trafalgar Square, before making a dash to Piccadilly. It was great to catch up with all our pals at the party, and the food and drink (thanks to Simon and Rosemary) was the best. We were so well fed and watered that we didn’t feel the cold on the way back to Waterloo. Hurrah.

We’re at Mary’s for a bit and today had Sunday lunch with two other friends of Mary’s – who have over the past couple of years, become very good friends of ours. Both oohed and ahhed at Doris, which was nice, even though she kept blocking out the light.

Other good news is that we are both feeling much better and both of us are running well again. I have some psycho/metaphysical thing going on with me and running. There is no doubt that there is a clear relationship between running and feeling good – for me. I’ve had this conversation with myself a million times before, but somehow I forget. Goodness knows what will happen to me when I ask my body to go for a run, and the answer is ‘no thanks’.


And, even though my English is rubbish, I’m half way through the final-but-one read of FtF. C and I will go through the whole text one more time and, should the agents say ‘no’, it’ll be ready for publication in the next couple of weeks. I just need to design a front cover now. All the advice is for it to follow the UH theme. So, I’ve got that.

Anyhow, have a good week. Let’s hope the rain stays on the plain.

5 thoughts on “Things are good

  1. Finally got decent (free) wifi and able to catch up – you’ve been busy!! Doris Too looks good – it sometimes amazes me just where it’s possible to get 7+ metres of truck. I love having LHD – it reminds me which side of the road I’m s’posed to drive on 😉

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