Sorting out the foibles

We’re now at Chelstons for two days to sort out Doris Too’s teething issues. The biggest two are two leaking windows and that the fridge won’t light on gas. There are a number of other issues, but these two definitely need to be sorted. I have to get a grip of all the electrics – there’s so much I don’t get. Hopefully by Friday we’ll be sorted.

Yesterday we went for a walk with Jen and her dogs – business continues to be v strong. She has many more clients than she can take on, which is testament to how she handles the work. Her social media presence is also v good, she’s always tweeting or posting on Facebook with photos and her clients love her for it. So well done Jen!


My work is ongoing. It’s going to be interesting as it develops – or doesn’t. I need to be careful that I don’t expect the whole thing to take off in a matter of months. I also need to be careful that I don’t under-charge. There needs to be a balance between the amount of effort I’m putting in (quite a lot at the moment with all my clients) and the recompense. Whichever way you look at it, working for yourself and your own timelines takes some beating. I just need to ensure that it’s profitable…

Which nicely moves on to the book(s). My mate Peter has a friend high up in the book industry and it seems likely that he can get an agent to read Unsuspecting Hero and give me a proper once over, for me to see if it’s worth the effort. To be clear, writing both books was not without considerable effort, and as I (and others) are still editing away, the work doesn’t seem to stop. Again, I need Peter’s friend of a friend to give me an indication if I need to work harder, or just enjoy the ride. Whatever, I’d really hope to get FtF out in the next 6 weeks or so.


C tells me she’s loving her new house. We’re both sat with Mrs Sun streaming through the huge Hymer windows, enjoying free Chelstons wifi in the comfort of our own home. We do need to give her a go abroad, or at least on a holiday of sorts. That should happen over Easter where we intend to pop up to Scotland and enjoy the views. It will be interesting to see how manhandling a 4.2 tonne monster round the Scottish coast preys on my nerves. So far it’s been a pleasure – but you never know.

Anyhow, have a great rest of week.

6 thoughts on “Sorting out the foibles

  1. If I remember correctly and by the photo of Doris on Mull on your home page you love Scotland. The ferry prices to Mull have been reduced due to the RET, road equivalent tariff, so let’s look forward to a new photo of Doris Too alongside Loch Na Keal.

    Hope you get all the teething problems sorted, especially those leaky Windows.

  2. for sure you need leaky windows fixed before tackling the Scottish rain 🙂 if not you you have room for umbrellas up in that monster van.

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