Still moving…

It’s been a great couple of days in the Big White Fun Bus. First I can confirm that I can actually drive it places without bumping into other road users, hedges, small trees and sheep. I know this is encouraging fate to change my current clean driving experience, but my point is that having Doris Too may not be as restrictive as we thought it was going to be. And, according to the Fiat trip computer, I got 24mpg out of her over 300 miles – it’s not great, and I’m striving for more, but it’s better than 22 which is where we started.


Our Cheshire retreat

She is great. We had Peter and Karen round for supper last night – a proper four courser – and she was v comfortable indeed. Peter, who knows a thing or two about these things, described her as a yacht. In terms of luxury (and compactness) I think that’s the best way to describe her. We are certainly enjoying the experience. Well done Doris Too!

We had a lovely couple of days in Cheshire on a super little CL near Cholmondeley. We both ran and enjoyed some cool sunshine (which enabled me to start to put the boot together and C to spend more time sorting out the inside), I cycled to a business meeting and was royally taken out to lunch, and then yesterday we drove back down to Gloucestershire to P&K’s. On the way we stopped at our favourite camping shop, Attwools, and bought some stuff! Of particular note I got an extending car washing brush, as seen and used by all Hymer owners when they need to wash down their expansive (and expensive) vans. So, got one of those – tick.


Off back to Hortham Farm CL for just under a week today. It’s pricey at £14, but v close to Jen’s and, frankly, the only place open in N Bristol during the winter. It’s v close to both the M4 and M5, but seems rural enough so you sort of forgive the road noise. Back down to Wells on Saturday for a morning’s work, and hopefully to C’s sister Annie on Sunday for lunch and to pick up my suit – which, strangely, I need for a birthday party next weekend. Hurrah!

Have a great weekend.

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