Work and play

So. (Don’t you love the way everyone starts their conversations with ‘so’). It’s been an interesting couple of days. We had a lovely time at Hilary and Steven’s. The dogs were great, I managed to get from Hampshire to Wells and back to do a day’s work, we walked, went for a couple of drives and even managed an IKEA shop in Southampton – lunch included. Then it was back to Wells, parking in Nicky’s backyard. I popped back into Wells for another small bit of work, and yesterday we had Steve, Jan, Nicky and Richard round for ‘pre-dinner drinks’ prior to a lovely supper at Nicky’s. Thanks Nicky!


Lily fitted out with the ACME anti-heat device…

We woke up this morning with me popping back to Bristol to meet a potential buyer for Doris (she’s parked outside Jen’s at the moment). I explained to the man that, I as making an hour and a half’s detour to meet him on a cold Sunday morning, I hope he was interested in the van. He turned up in a swanky Merc with his missus, took one look at poor old Doris and said ‘she’s too small’. Well if he had bothered to look at the advert he would have seen….grrrrr.

Anyhow, Doris Too continues to both impress and agitate – teething problems. Last night we ran out of gas, which was a surprise. So today we had to move – and we headed up north to Cheshire and arrived at a lovely CL a day before we had booked. The journey was uneventful – I drove Doris through the centre of Bristol, and we even managed to return better than 23 mpg en route! Hurrah! She is okay to drive and easier with C in the passenger seat pointing out low-flying cows. Even the LHD seems completely workable.

We think we now have the electrics sorted. Our blow heater is 1500W and with the internal fuses set at 10 Amps, it uses 60% of the available power. Put the kettle on and have a guess what? It blows. It didn’t used to Doris, but I suppose it’s better that we have the thing tripping at the right time rather than burning something out.

The gas turns out to be a priming issue. We have the latest Gaslow bottles which have an accident switch – which means you can travel with the bottles switched on. It turns out that we have probably used a whole gas bottle in a week – the heating has been on all of the time, even overnight. The second bottle wasn’t primed, so we (that is me) assumed it was empty. Anyhow, after some internet faffing we have sorted it out and now have the whole gas thing sorted.

But the fridge doesn’t seem to want to light on gas. I am a self confessed expert on gas fridges, and it’s too dark to look at it now. So that’s a job for tomorrow. And the satellite set up seems to work sometimes, and sometimes not. Channel 5 is v problematic, which I don’t get. The problem is we’ve been doing stuff, so I’ve not had chance to give it my best efforts. I’m going to have a go at that now. She’s into Cheslstons at the end of the week – so it will all get sorted.


Doris Too in her latest spot

A free day tomorrow. Some exercise would be a good thing. And with the weather calm but cold, we have a number of issues we need to sort – the garage is still a mess. Meeting with a friend of a friend on the whole leadership thing on Tuesday (hence why we’re in Cheshire), and then back down to Bristol for the end of the week. It’s all go!

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