Driving the Big White Fun Bus

Phew.  I knew I had to drive Doris Too from Bristol to Wells to park up for a week in our friend Nicky’s back yard.  The route has two pinch points – a narrow hill on the A37 passing through a small village where I didn’t want to meet an artic; second the v narrow farm road by Nicky’s where I didn’t want to meet a tractor.  Have a guess what?  Remembering that she’s 7.45m long (fifteen centimetres longer than I was told) and 2.25m wide both of those things happened.  And, hurrah!  I made it past the artic by a whisker.  And backed up round a corner to let a tractor the size of Manhattan get through.  Thank goodness for reversing cameras.


Doris Too continues to be a revelation – almost Mary Poppins’ bag like in her cavenousness.  How we ever stayed married in Doris will forever remain a mystery.  We’ve also booked into the v helpful Chelston Motorhomes next week where they’re going to sort all of the current foibles.

However we have left her at Nicky’s and driven to Hampshire to house sit for Hilary and Steven – pals we met on our tour last year – whilst they jetset off to Marrakesh for the week.  We have Humphrey (cockapoo), Lilley (spaniel) and Rollo (idle cat) with us and yesterday I drove all the way back to Wells to continue with my leadership support.  I picked up a little bit more work there and, separately, a speaking engagement in April.  It’s all good, in that the work is really rewarding and fun, it gives me a focus whilst we are in the UK, and it will earn us a crumb – which will all help.


Housesitting, which is something we did think of doing professionally has so far been good.  We are fine with pets – but probably not horses or livestock – and it really slows you down.  Being responsible for someone else’s property makes you focus, but also, because you have to sit still, it does allow you the opportunity to relax.  I’ve been working on my leadership paper and started a final run through of FtF.  More of that for me tomorrow and on Friday.


So – have a great rest of week.  And hopefully the weather will behave itself.  That, I know, is unlikely.

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