A bit flat…


It’s been a complicated time. The weather, until today (Saturday), has continued to be rubbish – I can count on one hand the good days since we got back to the UK in early December. And we have continued to travel to see people – which always takes a toll (the travelling, not the seeing people). Finally, ending up at my Mum and Dad’s where things have continued to decline, also wears.

The good news is we have Doris Too to look forward to – we pick her up in Wednesday – and I have my first day of paid work on Thursday. It’s school staff mentoring and, against the context of not wanting to work full time, I’m really looking forward to it. I have done some pre-work and I hope that I can make a difference. We’ll see. Doris Too can’t come quick enough. C has not been well – a cold which has gone onto her chest – and with the effort we need to help M&D we need a tonic to help take us forward. So Doris Too it is then!

M&D’s disposition has deteriorated. Dad is declining – he struggles to use a telephone as finding and pressing the numbers is tricky – and, as is often the case with dementia, he’s depressed. He went to bed this evening just after six, tired and miserable. Most of the day is sat in front of the TV. It’s a sorry tale. Mum, still fragile, is now struggling with stuff. She’s trying her best to make the house work, but it won’t be long before that becomes unworkable. It’s a shame, but I guess it’s life.


me fixing the roof light

On a much brighter note we popped to see our friends Phil and Denise. They’re the couple we went to see in the US in September. They’ve moved into a house in Suffolk and it was good to catch up with their news. Phil, who’s just left the Army as a v senior bloke, is looking for a job – he won’t have difficulty finding one. In the meantime he’s enjoying temporary retirement, cutting the lawn on his new sit-on mower and, with Denise, sorting out the house. The sit-on mower even has a cup holder! It was great to see them both.

I’m still working away on the books, plus an article on leadership in education which I’m hoping to get published somewhere. UH is in its final read before update and republishing. FtF is with Annie W for proof read – and then I shall read it through once more. I’ve had one rejection from an agent and am waiting for four more. Then it’ll be on Amazon for all of you to have a read of. Can’t wait.

Finally, for the record, I’ve finally fixed the Remis roof light. They are notorious for having gears that break, gears which are no longer in stock. I did eventually find one (£68) and whilst cleaning Doris’ roof fitted it. It now works perfectly, which is great. And the final photo is C with a bird of prey. M and D’s neighbour’s son borrows one – something to do with pigeons which I didn’t get. It was fantastic to see up close.


Have a good week. Let’s hope we are all blessed with some good weather.

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