Stand by…

Have I got a lot to tell you. Wow.

First, and for the record, let’s do some geography. I’d liked to note that last Thursday I did cycle from Jen’s to meet my mate Kenn at McD’s at Abbeywood for an early morning coffee and chat about life. We’ve not used the bikes for a while and that showed: I forgot to put the battery on. Doh! And, what with the British weather just being on the wrong side of rubbish, it chucked it down on the way back. Three miles later I was a drowned rat with tired legs.

Monday we had a day in Wells. I had a doctors appointment and whilst there I also secured a small piece of work along under my ‘Compassionate Leadership’ banner. I’m looking forward to it – it’s mentoring type stuff – and maybe the start of something. First real day of work is week after next; just a couple of hours, but it should lead to some more. On the same day we popped to see a pal of mine, JP, who, at my age took the brave decision to leave work and set up his own small business. Not itinerant, but still v different. It was good to catch up with him – and his lovely wife. We hope to see more of them.

Yesterday was painting and cleaning at Jen’s place. For all sorts of reasons the house is damp so we bought an industrial sized dehumidifier which sounds like a jet engine, but seems to be doing the trick. We both ran in the rain – that’s three out of four days. It’s not quite running along the beach in the sunshine, but that will come again.

Oh and I had my first rejection from an agent who are ‘looking for guaranteed commercially successful novels’. Well that tells me then. The good news is that UH is v close to the end of its final major edit (thanks Annie W) and I hope to republish it in the next two weeks. FtF has been edited by C’s sister (thanks Annie B) and will now go for final edit to Annie W. I’m going to wait for a couple more rejections before I think about Amazon – and I do need to produce a front cover! So books are ongoing.

Finally, and majorly, we have taken the plunge and bought a new Doris. I know, I know. How could we? She has been fabulous. We will have lived in her for 18 months when we swap vans next week. She hasn’t let us down in any major way, and where she has burped, it’s been eminently fixable. Her durability is extraordinary – buy a Dethleffs! Or at least German.

Which is what we have done. Goodness have I had sleepless nights since Sunday. Doris Too is a 7.4metre Hymer B694. She breaks all of my previous rules about size and weight (4.2t), but as we have made the decision to remain itinerant for a good while longer, we really need something which allows the two of us to move around the place at the same time. To be fair, in Doris, in the UK, in winter, it’s just not a wholly enjoyable experience. Doris Too is beautiful, in a brick-shaped way. We have joined the motorhoming aristocracy – people I used to look down upon. She’s going to be difficult to park, and we are going to have to run our lives in a different way. But we now have a car and will just have to plan ahead a little more. And do you know what? Neither of us can wait. The luxury is going to be, well, fab. Separate shower, huge garage, a proper lounge, a proper fridge and freezer. Three leisure batteries. The list is endless and goes on and on.


Oh. And she’s left hand drive. Interesting choice!

We’re picking her up next Wednesday – and even that requires extra planning!

Off to Bex and Steven today to hand over ski kit and then a very necessary trip to my Mum and Dads for an extended weekend. So all’s good!

12 thoughts on “Stand by…

  1. Early bird – we’ve been out round the field C running with the young dog, v impressive in the dark, wind and rain, me with Tizla, no doubt a halo of self righteous is around somewhere.

    I’ll start chopping trees on the drive down in anticipation of Doris 2s arrival, she looks great.

    Speak soon


    Sent from my iPad

  2. Doris Two looks great. Having the extra space so each person can do there own thing is a big bonus when living fulltime in the van. When we brought ours we consciously sat in the ones we looked at working out that we both had space to do our own stuff if we ended up being van bound for days due to the weather etc. Still enjoying reading the blog. Remember it takes forever to unpack the van when swapping to another, you’ll wonder where all the stuff has come from. Good time to have a clear out of stuff you’ve not looked at for ages.
    Enjoy. Shawn.

  3. Well done you two, wondered how long it would take. Looks a nice van. Remember the key rule, bigger the garage, the more you are going to fill it…Don’t overload!! If I have the registration correct it stands for War Department…..age nearly 60….Gone But not Forgotten..! Enjoy your travels…

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