Settling into a routine

We’ve had a good couple of days, thank you. It’s mostly been about getting back into routine (routine? That’d be a laugh). No, seriously, back into Doris. No Christmas paraphernalia, no trips skiing, just living again. We’ve been in Bristol, mostly outside Jen’s, but also with another evening seeing our pals Annie and Al. Annie’s proofreading – not before time – UH, as she will FtF. And doing a grand job. Al, having just finished a long, tough tour as DA in Riyadh, is looking for post-Army employment; we’re all at that age. Good luck to him.

The photo is all of us having finished running yesterday morning. Al and I go back almost 40 years. We joined the same battalion together and have been running pals ever since. Leopards and spots and all that. Anyhow, it was great to see them and now they’re back in the UK for a while, we shall see a lot more of them. Especially when we have washing to do!


Now we’re at a local to Jen Caravan Club listed site. It’s v close to Bristol and a bit industrial (and at £14 for parking and electricity not cheap), but there’s v little around here and convenience is good.

What else have we been doing? I’ve finished major edit of FtF and it will now go to final proofing. Next I’m going to work on some leadership stuff – a book which I’d like to have a go at. Tomorrow we are down in Wells where I might have a bit of consultancy work coming together and then I’m going to write an article on school leadership as part of my portfolio under the banner ‘compassionate leadership’. So I’m keeping myself busy.

Today, don’t hate us for it, but we’re going to look at bigger motorhomes. We’ve decided that if we’re going to stay itinerant for at least the next year or so, we might need to be a little bit more grown up about our house. Doris is fab. Better than fab. But the living area is small and there is no separate shower – two things we are now keen to sort. Knowing us it will come to nought, and that won’t be a bad thing. But we’re going to have a look today.

Rest of week? Heading to my parents for next weekend, probably via Bex to drop off some ski kit – they’re going at half term with friends of theirs. And then – well that depends on how my work goes. I’ll keep in touch…

2 thoughts on “Settling into a routine

  1. So polite of you Roland not to mention that you still run at the same pace whilst I have too much additional ballast ……………..

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