Heading for a conclusion?

Well it’s continued to be quite a journey. Back in the UK and, to some extent, met by good weather. Don’t mind the cold…provided it comes with some of Mrs Sun’s best. Which down in the West Country, it does. So hurrah to that. We spent yesterday decluttering Doris having agreed with each other that for the foreseeable future she would continue to be our home. (Or something a bit bigger – but that’s unlikely, Doris is so good if a bit cramped.)


Jen’s latest client. A lovely cockapoo called Popcorn on our walk this morning. Business is burgeoning.

But I do feel the need to engage with humanity in some way or other. A long term project with a pal of mine will not come off, and, as I said last time, I am going full-steam ahead with both books. So, what else? I have been pondering doing some educational leadership consultancy work. That seems like an awfully grand title, but with 25 years leadership experience in the Army and 8 years as a teacher (4 of those on the management team) I really feel that I have something to offer? So I have pressed a couple of buttons and it seems likely that I might have some work.

The business title is: Compassionate Leadership – helping school leaders get the best from their people. Catchy? I hope so. I have a book in me on the subject already which I had started working on with my mate Richard, so hopefully the whole thing might grow into something part-time which allows me to feel as though I am contributing, bring in a bit of cash and enable me to continue to write and for C and I to enjoy the itinerant lifestyle – which we do!

And, to cap some good news, Bex and Steven have been offered jobs at a school in the Bahamas! Isn’t that fab news? They were going to go travelling for a year having run out of steam at their inner city school; and then who knows what next. But having applied for overseas jobs last year, their credentials were still in the system and the Bahamas got in touch with them! Fabulous news for the pair of them. They so much deserve it.

So that’s us. We’re pottering around (with Bex and Steven tonight to congratulate them), have a full diary for the next week or so. And with other potential visits and stays coming up, a bit of work and hopefully longer days it should see us through to the Spring. Both of us went for our first run in three weeks today, so hopefully more of that.

All looking good!

4 thoughts on “Heading for a conclusion?

  1. My son in law joined a new company 6 months ago which included travelling to head office in the Bahamas every couple of months. Thought it sounded fantastic. Reality is that the Bahamas is a dangerous place with gang warfare. Hope your two have done their research as to where the school is and the area they would be living in. Not trying to frighten just bringing a bit of reality. Regards Martin

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