The question is still ‘what next’?

imageIt’s been a bit of a traumatic couple of days. Well, not really. Not in a global sense, but certainly for us. Skiing has been more like walking (which is good), although we did get four hours in today with some of the best snow conditions I’ve ever skied in – hard but not ice base and four inches of fresh snow on top – perfect. The weather was still flat, although we did have Mrs Sun, but only briefly. It was great to be out. We might well go tomorrow – our last day.


Why traumatic? Well for those of you with absolutely nothing better to do than follow this rubbish, you know that we’ve been considering what we do. Whether or not to go firm in the UK and maybe even get a job? Well, there was a possibility of that via a v good friend of mine – indeed there is still a very small opening – but, do you know what? I’m not sure that going back to work is what I want to do. Indeed, being able to spend 10 days in Chatel without any particular ties has reinforced that notion. The freedom this life brings only comes into focus when you think about taking it away. Who knows?

And then the book! Mikki has finished editing it. My two pre-market readers have both loved it…if I can quote one of them:

I feel sorry for my children but they have been waiting for ages for me to cook supper as I kept saying I must just finish this book! Well done Roland it is a great read. I really couldn’t put it down yet again. I did need to concentrate as there were lots of parts to remember names etc but it was great and I really feel that we have got to know and love Sam green more.

And then I got a further unsolicited five-star review for UH on Amazon. So excited. What this has meant is that, with the help of C’s sister Annie – who is an ex-PA, I have just submitted FtF to five agents. My aim is still to publish on Amazon in the early Spring. But you have to try?

So, insofar as the next four months we are definitely staying in the UK, but probably without employment other than some minor stuff and pursuing the whole book thing. I have to say I’m much happier not committing to full-scale work, although we shall see how it all goes living in Doris in the rubbish UK late winter/early spring. We shall see…

Next time you hear from me we should be back in the UK. That’ll be good!

Have a great rest of week.

6 thoughts on “The question is still ‘what next’?

  1. Ro

    For heavens sake, whatever you do, please don’t rush to putting the book onto Amazon, be patient and let the agents do their thing, if it goes on Amazon, my understanding, they won’t touch it.

    Chin up



  2. Hi Roland & Claire. Just caught up with your blog and glad you got some snow. we went to Tignes on Boxing Day and although the boys skied all day it was a bit icy. Snow arrived the day we left 😦
    Although the warmer temperatures meant they enjoyed skiing in their onesies!!
    If the weather in England gets you down remember there is always space in my back yard, you’d be so welcome. Safe journey home.

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