Happy New Year (almost)

Okay so the past couple of posts have been a bit dreary. We did this, we did that. The weather was blah and then we did some more of that. Sorry. However I’m not sure that this post is going to be any better. So much of what I write is underpinned by the weather, and with the arrival of Hurricane Frank this morning I surprised that I’ve actually got the energy to write anything all. At least we’re nowhere near flooding – you have to feel for the folk up north.

We have been based at Jen’s and really have just hunkered down for a bit. We’re both trying hard to shake off colds, but the dampness which pervades everything is not helping. Yesterday evening we popped down to Wells and had a lovely supper with E&A and picked up the keys for Chatel – so looking forward to that. We cleaned the car, which is already turning out to fabulous, cleaned Doris and helped Jen sort her car out so it can take four dogs.


Working in the eye of the storm

We did all of that in the eye of Hurricane Frank (well not quite) and then went for a mammoth walk with Cassie still enjoying the rain. C and I had planned to move to a local campsite rather than stay outside Jen’s house, but the weather just said ‘no’. We’ve decided to stay here until at least Saturday when we’ll move onto Mary’s, a quick trip to London to see C’s cousin Eva and then off to Chatel. For NYE we’ve booked tickets for Star Wars, and if C’s in luck I might take her to Macdonalds for supper. I’d be surprised if we make it through to midnight, but you never know.

Finally I’ve had my first report back from Fuelling the Fire, which is v positive. I’m about to launch a rewrite of Unsuspecting Hero which I would hope to complete when we’re away. And then publish FtF and sit back and watch what happens. Who knows!
We both hope you have a fun New Year and make appropriate resolutions for 2016. We’re not sure what ours are yet – there’s stuff going on which I’ve not put into print – so we can’t make any plans yet. But you’ll be the first to know when we have some news!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year (almost)

  1. To

    All good for 5th. Please confirm:

    Approx ETA Numbers/names

    My eccentric Antarctic chum, Clive Waghorn will be staying, he’s come down from Edinburgh to see a mutual friend who is suffering from dementia, lovely bloke but will enjoy a drink or 20.

    Safe travels


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  2. Happy New Year to you both, bet driving the car will seem very odd – will need public conveniences and coffee stops! Safe skiing and of course all the usual envy 🙂

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