A good time was had by all

I realise that my last post might have been a bit on the miserable side. You know, damp, wet, moving about, small space, feeling unwell and all that malarkey – a glass half empty type of thing. Well I take most of that back. Yes the British weather has remained as miserable as it can be and whilst I am over the worst of my cold, that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it, but we have had a really good family Christmas? Possibly the best ever.


Bex, C and I descended on Mum and Dad’s and had as relaxing time as we could have. I had one of those colds where my eyes streamed continuously, not helped by the fact that they keep the average room temperature up in the 30s. But we chatted, watched some TV, C and I made the food, we drank and the four of them went to Midnight Mass; I was out of it by then, my nose and eyes leaking like a drainpipe full of leaves in a storm.

We left them after Christmas lunch and made our way to C’s sister’s in Lambourn. Steve, Bex’s boyfriend, joined us (Annie and her boys were in Newbury having Christmas with one of her boys) and opened pressies and went to bed early. I was shattered.

Boxing Day was fabulous. Jen and James turned up, as did Annie and her boys plus a couple of girlfriends. It was, I have to say, magnificent to get them all together. If they are all a sample of the youth of today then our future is in very good hands. We played games, chatted, kept an eye on the football (what is happening to the Premier League?) and watched the first three episodes of Game of Thrones which Annie bought for me for Christmas.


And today Annie, C and I drove all the way to Dorset to visit the third sister (+ family), Joy. We ate them out of house and home, exchanged pressies and drove back again. What a life! Then more left overs and a couple more episodes of GoTs. Have you seen it? Sex and blood and some intrigue thrown in for good measure. Fabulous?

Back to Jen’s tomorrow and then a long prep for Chatel. There’s also some other stuff going on, but I’ll bring that up when it’s time.

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